Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Color Club Diamond Drops

bums, rained out of riding again! it poured so much i also didn't feel like heading to get groceries (not that i ever really want to go), but the thought of carrying all those bags through the rain was not happy. hopefully, sunny skies tomorrow! i'm happy because i decided to give Subway around here another try, i haven't eaten it since i first moved here like six months ago because it was so gross that time... they must have been having an off day because it was delicious tonight :)

i decided to spice up my Barielle Jewlie Box mani with Color Club Diamond Drops, a holographic shard flakie glitter. i was really hoping it would be easy to work with... but's it not. i held the bottle upside down for a bit and really swirled the brush around, but i felt like it didn't pick up enough glitter. it also all wanted to congregate at the tip of the nail, so you really had to place some to have coverage of the whole nail. as you can see on my pointer nail, when you really have to work with it, it gets all bubbly! i'm sure i'll use it again, because i really love the look it gives... but i wish it were easier to use! although, i thankfully have to admit it's not the worst. for the most part, it dries flat enough that a layer of topcoat makes it pretty smooth... but some of those big pieces clump up and stick up so much that you'd need mountains of topcoat to tame them!

Barielle Jewlie Box mani, one coat Diamond Drops, one coat Seche Vite.

i have to receive the bottle of Cloud Nine from Color Club... i absolutely don't recommend ordering from their website!

Happy Halfway to the Weekend! Ria :)

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