Friday, December 21, 2012

Haulage... Layla, Pixi, and Estee Lauder!

whew, first day of driving done! what should have been a 7 hour drive took more like 10... we hit some major traffic that added on the extra three hours. i'm so glad we decided to split up of the drive, we would have been pulling into Phoenix in the wee hours of the morning...  much better to sleep and start fresh :)

today is the first of two posts for my beauty purchases over the past couple weeks! i decided to break it up so that it wouldn't just be one monster post. we're going to kick off with Layla, Pixi, and Estee Lauder... and tomorrow will be just polishes!

first up we have some Layla... i got these all at Ulta! i couldn't resist trying out more Softouch polishes... i will probably end up having the entire line... is the teal one droolworthy or what?! and of course i had to snag the Magneffects on clearance... i also had a $5 off $10 purchase, so those ended up super cheap :)

since i was so impressed with Pixi's Lid Last Shadow Pens, i decided to try out their eyeliners called Endless Silky Eye Pens... and i'm in love!! i bought the Black Blue first, tried it for week... and i'm hooked :) 

last up i got mascaras by both Pixi and Estee Lauder. i've been looking for a blue mascara to replace the one that i used up that has been discontinued by Lancome, so i tried both of these. the Pixi is called Blackest Blue and it is well-named... it mostly looks black, like a true midnight blue. the Lauder is much more of an actual blue... but they are both great mascaras!

tune in tomorrow to see all the polishes! Happy Friday!! Ria :)

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