Saturday, December 22, 2012

Haulage... The Polishes!

whew, we're finally in Phoenix! i'm so glad we did the long chunk of driving yesterday, it made today feel like it went by much faster... which, of course, it actually did :D i was planning on being able to leave the dogs in the hotel room by themselves... but Jewels wasn't having it. so, now they have to come places with us and stay in the car... i wish you could discuss things with dogs... i mean, wouldn't you rather stay in the hotel room than the car!?

today is part two of my collective haulage, and this time it's all about the polishes! most of things you are about to see were bought at different times... even the Sally Hansens were actually not bought together! it's more fun to have a post that has lots of pretties, though... so, i waited and saved 'em up :)

lets go ahead and kick off with those Sally Hansens... the complete Salon Manicure must have been way over-ordered... there was a whole bin of just that color on clearance! the bottom one is Pacific Blue... i have been searching for that color for MONTHS and i finally just found it at Ulta... i've checked there before and no dice, so i was happy to finally get my paws on it. the reason i just had to have it is because Youtube Guru Dulce Candy absolutes raves about it... and i adore her!

next up is a selection of Barielle from Marshalls... at $2.99, who can resist grabbing a few??

then we have the ones that were a surprise to me... Cover Girl has come out with a new line of nail polish called Outlast Stay Brilliant! from swatching these two, it looks like the teal has an iffy formula, but the periwinkle seems amazing... can't wait to try a full mani with these. 

last up is a gift set from SpaRitual, i found it on clearance at Pharmaca! the colors are gorgeous, and i just love SpaRitual's bottles :)

what are you guys up to for the holidays? anybody else travelling? Ria :)


  1. I live in the Phoenix area. Enjoy the great weather we're having.

    1. i'm loving Phoenix, i had no idea the landscape was so beautiful around here! Merry Christmas :)

  2. Nice haul. I am grateful not to be traveling anymore, been there done that! I am glad you are safe and ready to celebrate with your family, enjoy!


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