Saturday, December 1, 2012

Julep Maven :: December 2012 It Girl Box

it rained a bit here in Monterey today, but not enough to make me feel better about missing my first horse show! the weather was determined to rain enough to mess things up, but not consistently... so you look outside and think... oh, COME ON! :) i think it's supposed to pour again tomorrow, so Aramis is just going to be a big ole mudball on Monday!

today i want to share with you my December 2012 Julep Maven 'It Girl' box! this one has sparkly glitters, so it was a fun one to open up... i do love my sparkles :D

here's what it all looks like together...

and up close of the colors... Harper is definitely one to see in person... it's like a mermaid tail!

the extra treatie this month was DIY nail polish ring. i think i will do this for a gift for someone, i have sensitive skin and can't wear base metals, sadly! i think it's such a cute idea!

i'm really happy with my polishes this month! i wish i could actually use the ring, but that's okay... i'll find someone to enjoy it. it will make a fun afternoon project, at any rate!

i hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! Ria :

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