Thursday, December 20, 2012

Layla CE 52 The Butterfly Effect

as always, i've left all i need to do to prepare for our trip to the last minute! i'm probably going to be up most of the night packing and preparing... which is about how it usually goes with me :) i did get all my swatching done so i won't have to worry about that while we're actually in transit... i'm super happy about that!

today's polish is the last one from Christmas In Laylaland... Layla CE 52 The Butterfly Effect! this polish is so amazing... i saw it at Cosmoprof and have been majorly lemming it ever since. i literally did a happy dance when i found the display at Ulta on Black Friday! it's a sheer purple jelly that is packed with orange and green flashing flakies... it's GORGEOUS. surprisingly, the purple builds so easily that it is opaque in two thick coats... and it's easy to work with. it has enough flakies in it that you aren't fighting at all to have them spread around the nail. i thought one coat of topcoat would be enough to give a high shine finish, but it did eventually up most of the topcoat... you'll probably need at least two coats for a glossy finish!

two coats The Butterfly Effect, one coat Seche Vite.

you can see a bit of the green flash, but it was pretty camera shy! you can really see it in person if you hold your nails perpendicular to your eye and look over the tops... it's just beautiful.

Layla Ceramic Effect polishes can be found at Ulta and, and for around $10! also check out the English version of Layla's website!

i hope you've enjoyed Christmas In Laylaland, i've definitely enjoyed sharing it with you all! check back tomorrow to see what pretties i bought this week... Ria :)


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