Thursday, December 13, 2012

Layla Softouch Effect 02 Golden Touch

i feel like my sense of days is going to be off for a little bit, it's always an adjustment when my husband has time off! whenever i wake up and he's there, i automatically think it's the weekend... i'm super excited he has a month off, though :) it sounds like his next semester of coursework is going to be really tough, so i'm going to make sure he has really nice, relaxing break!

i got this polish in the mail today, and had to put it on immediately! it's Layla Softouch Effect 02 Golden Touch. since it's from their Softouch line, the finish is matte-like and has zero shine... however, it does have glitter in it, so it has some very subtle sparkle! the juxtaposition is quite nice. the color is a soft, creamy gold... elegant. this polish would be great for parties, but it's also chic and subtle enough that i think it would be appropriate for a lot of work environments! the formula is fairly sheer, i like the opacity at three coats. it would be good for people who like a super subtle look at one coat, it also could be used as a glaze over other polish colors. to completely change the look, add a shine topcoat... it becomes a warmer gold that is super sparkly!

three coats Golden Touch, one coat Seche Vite added to pinky and middle.

Layla Ceramic Effect polishes can be found at Ulta and, and for around $10! also check out the English version of Layla's website!

i will be reviewing lots of Layla this week (i bought their Christmas in Laylaland collection on Black Friday!), so check back often! Ria :)

:: this polish was sent to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::


  1. Replies
    1. i literally could not wait to put this one on, it went on the blog the day i got it :D

  2. I love this one SO much. Every color in the Christmas in LaylaLand is great, but these "metallic" softouch colors are amazing. The blend of the glitter shine and the matte effect is stunning.

    1. they are awesome! Stone remains my very favorite of them, it just blows my mind :D


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