Friday, December 7, 2012

Menaji Face & Body Scrub... Reviewed By Mr. Pawlish!

Mr. Pawlish here, making a rare guest appearance. I might have made a guest post sooner, but I just can't find a nail polish color that really speaks to me :( Instead, I'll be reviewing a men's skin care product called Menaji Face & Body Scrub. I'm normally a basic soap and shampoo kind of guy, but I might be inclined to take it a step further after trying Menaji's scrub.

The scrub boasts two options: simple facial application at the sink or a full-body application in the shower. Just be sure not to get it in your eyes! I applied it to my face last night before bed and the results were almost immediate. My face felt cool and refreshed, and my skin soft and smooth. By the time I climbed into bed, a comfortable tingling sensation had spread over my whole face.

I used the product as a full-body scrub in the shower this morning and pretty much got the same results. I used it mostly on my face, stomach, chest, and feet and got the same cool, clean, and smooth feeling. Although I used it sparingly, it was easy to work into a spreadable lather and the scrubby granules reached to all areas applied instead of petering out at the primary application point.

Menaji's scrub works well as a foot scrub, although one might not think about it at first glance. I didn't expect it to make much of a difference on my feet, because, let's face it, they're men's feet! The scrub didn't make my feet feel as refreshingly cool as the other parts of my body, but I think that was only because my feet are less sensitive then most other areas of skin. I have to say, though, that for the first time ever the bottom of my feet felt much smoother after using the scrub on them. That's something that's never happened with anything I've put on them, even lotion!

Overall, I would recommend Menaji's scrub to other men if they're looking for an alternative the man's primitive soap and shampoo regimen. One pointer: be sure to add enough water so the product lathers up as intended.

You can purchase the Face & Body Scrub on Menaji's website, for $30!

Now back to your regularly scheduled broadcasting...

hey, everyone! it's Ria :) i hope you enjoyed hearing from Mr. Pawlish! i'm sure this won't be the last time he makes an appearance.  i wanted to get a man's take on a man's product... i hope this gives you ladies a Christmas idea! Menaji has loads of products on their website that are perfect for a tough to buy for guy. as you know, packaging is key to me... and their packaging is slick. super chic in a very manly way. i tried out the Face & Body Scrub myself, and it's really nice. i especially loved the scent, it really reminds me of lemon zest... super refreshing! let me know if you all try any Menaji products, and what you think of them!

Happy Friday from the Pawlish's!

:: this product was sent for review, these are our honest opinions! ::

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