Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nicole by OPI Miss Independent

today feels like a Friday because Mr. Pawlish has been home all day... but it's because he only has a final tomorrow and then he's done with school for a month! you definitely get way more vacation when you're attending school than when you're working full time :)

today's polish is Nicole by OPI Miss Independent. it's a gorgeous pale pink metallic that is super sparkly in sunlight! it looks more like a sparkly foil when you're indoors. i'm not in love with the formula, but it could be worse. i used three coats to get it opaque enough for my preference... but at some angles you can still see some VNL. it definitely benefits from a shine topcoat to bring out all the sparklies!

three coats Miss Independent, one coat Seche Vite.

since i'm so pale, this almost gives a mannequin hands effect on me in some lights... which i love, of course!

Happy Tuesday! Ria :)


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