Saturday, December 15, 2012

Polish Clearance at CVS!!

i thought about posting this haul after i did my Layla series... but then i realized that the clearance will be really picked over by then, and i wanted to share it with you all now! CVS has SO MUCH nail polish clearance right now... and at great prices. 50-75% off... i just went for the 75% off ones, the deal was too good to pass up. i got one Milani 3D Holographic (sadly, the rest were already gone) for $1.37 and a bunch of Revlon Top Speed for $1.57 a piece!

here's what i picked up...

most brands had at least a few on clearance... i was really tempted by the Sally Hansens, but the Revlons were a much better deal and i wanted to pretend i have some semblance of control (we all know that's a crock!). please let me know if you take advantage of these deals and what you buy! Ria :)

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