Sunday, December 30, 2012

What Else I Found In Phoenix!

i can't believe i spent most of today sleeping! i guess i'm exhausted from travelling, it always seems to have that effect on me. i'm super excited because in exactly one week one of my brothers is coming to visit!! i can't wait to show him around... and we're going to go on a trail ride at the beach :)

i thought today was just going to be things i bought at Sally's... but found i'd stuck some other purchases in the Sally's bag! so there will be a bit of everything today. i had also bought some French manicure kits from Orly and another Holiday Joy from China Glaze set, but i decided to return those... i thought the Orly brush would be thinner in the French mani bottles... but it was the same!

let's kick off with the Orlys i did get... some off FX off clearance and a few from a new collection... and since the regular ones were buy 2 get 1 free, i got Passion Fruit, which i always pick up and put back :D

i did buy one set from China Glaze Holiday Joy collection, and a single bottle of glitter!

the newest China Glaze Magnetix collection was on clearance, so i grabbed the blue and the magnet!

i found this great glitter topcoat from Seche... i saw this at Cosmoprof and have been lemming it ever since :D

and we move on to things not bought at Sally's. i found these Salon Perfect polishes at Walmart... they seem like they are the same things as China Glaze... the sticker on the bottom of the bottle is identical! sadly, the brush SUCKS.

lastly, we have some Nicole by OPI polishes. i grabbed two today at CVS on clearance from the Kardashian Kollection, and the Selena Gomez flakie i found at Walmart in Phoenix. i know, i know... i'm sure i have multiple dupes of the flakie... but i just can't resist them!!

Happy Sunday! Ria :)

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