Monday, January 21, 2013

Basically... Nail Tees

Mr. Pawlish went to the barn with me today since he had the day off, it was nice to have company :) i forced myself to work on my seated trot today... without my feet in the stirrups. that's something i've been terrified to work on for a while now, so i figured... might as well do it when there's someone here if i fall off! turns out, it's not nearly as scary as i thought it would be... all my practicing is definitely paying off :)

today's Basically... post is a basic i use all the time... Nail Tees! they are special Qtips that are super pointy on both ends. they are absolutely amazing for cleaning up little polish slips and booboos while you are applying a mani. there are other brands out there that are similar, but Nail Tees to me always look to be the pointiest... and that's really helpful when you need to get right into a cuticle but don't want to touch anything else!

they come in a plastic box... unfortunately, the lid doesn't fit very tightly so it's not the greatest holder.

sorry the box is so cloudy, i've had it for a long time! it comes with loads so one box will last you a long time. when it's new, it's difficult to even put the lid back on the box because it's so full!

this is what they look like up close... as you can see, the top is much pointier on this one than the bottom. ideally, they both would be super pointy, but quality control isn't perfect, i guess!

you can find these at Sally's Beauty Supply!

what's your favorite easy cuticle cleanup? Ria :)


  1. Seated trot without stirrups, good for you! I used to love to ride horses, they are so much fun to hang around.

    I need some of those pointy nail tees! Thanks for posting!

    1. thank you!! i can't believe i've waited so long to finally start riding :D

      let me know how you like the Nail Tees! xoxox


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