Saturday, January 5, 2013

China Glaze Tranzitions... Shape Shifter, Duplicity, & Metallic Metamorphosis!

i can't believe my brother is going to be here tomorrow! i'm super excited, we're planning several fun day trips AND, best of all, horseback riding on the beach :D

today i have three polishes from the new China Glaze Tranzitions collection to share with you guys! this collection is pretty unusual... i definitely have nothing like it. all the polishes in this collection change color when you apply topcoat! this makes it very easy to do different nail art designs. you can use any topcoat with them, but China Glaze recommends their Fast Forward Top Coat and that is what i'll be using! all of the formulas of these polishes were really nice and opaque, you could probably get away with one coat... but i used two to ensure smoothness since i wasn't going to be using a topcoat over the whole nail.

here are the bottle shots of these polishes... i love that the lids have stickers around them that show the color of the polish with and without topcoat!

first up we have Shape Shifter, my favorite of these three! it is the most dramatic of the color changes, going from a gunmetal silver shimmer to a navy blue pearl. i was the most adventurous with this one, free-handing the topcoat so that there is a stripe of silver down the middle of the nail. i used one coat of topcoat for this mani!

next up is Duplicity, a dusty teal creme that changes to a darker teal pearl! this one was the toughest to keep from being streaky once topcoat was applied... i used two coats, but i think if you can get it even, one coat would be best! for this one, i did a chevron French manicure with China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat.

finally we have Metallic Metamorphosis, a steel silver shimmer than changes to a darker gunmetal silver pearl with topcoat. this one was a little easier to work with, but i still went with two coats of topcoat. again, if you can keep it even, i think it would look even better with one coat! for this one, i opted for a 'traditional' French tip... if you can call it traditional when using cool colors like these :D

the China Glaze Tranzitions collection will be available at fine salons and retailers in January 2013... my favorite China Glaze retailer is Sally Beauty Supply!

i hope you all enjoyed seeing this new collection from China Glaze... i certainly have enjoyed trying it out! Happy Saturday! Ria :)

:: these China Glaze Tranzitions polishes and Fast Forward Top Coat were sent to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::


  1. These are a neat concept, but I don't think I will be getting any just because I always wear a top coat, so it kinda defeats the purpose. lol.

    1. that's why i did them as French or modified French, i'm too hard on nail polish not to have reinforcement at the tips! :)


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