Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Funky Fingers Diva

today i made the uber goober move of falling off my horse for the first time... the day i started leasing him. none of my friends and family were surprised by this... which tells you how things in my life generally go :D just gotta be different, i guess! it was pretty embarrassing, he spooked right when we were moving into the canter and i fell right off the back of him. i'm a little bruised, but luckily i landed on my side so i didn't really damage anything but my pride. i did, however, get the wind completely knocked out of me... causing me to panic briefly while i was lying there thinking... OH NO I'M DYING MY LUNG HAS COLLAPSED!... but, of course, it hadn't!

i decided to just do a quick post today with a polish i bought back when i first started blogging... yeah, i've got quite the backlog of polishes! the polish is Funky Fingers Diva, a glitter with loads of pink pieces and a fair amount of silver holo in a clear base. for such an inexpensive polish (i found it at 5 Below, a discount chain in the US... whose shtick is that everything costs $5 or less), it performs amazingly. you get nice coverage in one coat and loads of coverage in two... and best of all, it's easy to work with! no clumping up or refusing to come out of the bottle. you will want to swirl the brush around in there good, though, if it's been sitting awhile like mine was. like most glitters, you'll want to add topcoat to smooth it out and bring out all the sparkle!

two coats Diva, one coat Seche Vite... all over my China Glaze Chiaroscuro mani!

it's impossible to capture the beauty of glitters on film! if you like glitter, i do recommend giving this brand a chance if you see it around. Happy Wednesday! Ria :)


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