Thursday, January 31, 2013

Julep Maven :: February 2013 It Girl Box

today was 'Pimp My Tack Room' day at the barn... which basically means a couple hours cleaning away mouse poop ;) definitely headed straight for the shower when i got home! my trainer found a saddle while we were working that she's letting me try out... if i like it, she'll sell it to me :D exciting stuff! looking forward to giving it a go tomorrow.

i received my February 2013 Julep Maven box in It Girl today! i also received an extra polish that i had bought as an 'Add-On'. i couldn't resist, because two colors this month are holographic (!!) and only one was coming in the It Girl box! i am more excited about this box than i have been for possibly any box previous... two holos and two gorgeous shimmers... yummo. let's get right into it!

what comes inside the box... (i also put my add-on in, didn't want it to be left out!).

first up is the polishes... the bottom two are the holos! i can't wait to compare the silver to the other silver holos i have.

they also included their new Freedom Polymer Top Coat... i'm really interested to try it out. supposedly it 'goes on like a polish, performs like a gel'. we shall see!

lastly, we have the monthly extra treatie... this month it's an eyelash curler. you will all be shocked (and possibly appalled) to learn that i have never used an eyelash curler before! nope, never!

what do you all think of this months box? and is anyone else as freaked out by eyelash curlers as i am?? Ria :)


  1. Im new to polish. What would you recommend?

    1. Sally Hansen makes loads of colors and are generally high quality... you can find them at all drug stores and big box stores. plus, they have several different lines... the InstaDri are pretty inexpensive and really great! Essence polishes are amazing quality and only 1.99, their drawback is they don't have as many colors and i'm not sure who all carries them, the only place i know for sure is Ulta!

  2. Nice colours!

    1. they are the best i've seen from Julep in a while!


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