Friday, January 25, 2013

Participate In Sation's Salon Shout-out and Win!

hey, everyone! i'm super excited to bring the info about Sation's Salon Shout-out to you all. to celebrate reaching over 2000 subscribers on Facebook and the launch of new Miss Professional Nail products, Sation is having a giveaway! in order to expand to different retailers and make their products more accessible to everyone, Sation wants to hear your suggestions of salons in your area of the US that would be a great match for carrying Miss Professional Nail products. find out how to enter and what you can win in the official press release below!

To enter Sation’s Salon Shout-out:

Submit the following to with the subject line Salon Shout-out

      • Participant’s name & e-mail address
      • Blog name
      • Salon manager/owner’s name
      • Salon name, location (city/state) & telephone number

*Submissions will be accepted from 1/17/13 to 2/17/13

Shout-out Swag:J

      • All participants who provide salon referrals will be entered into a raffle to receive Miss complete Candylandia’collection. We’ll be randomly selecting three winners.

      • All participating bloggers will receive a six-pack of Sation for their support. If three salons pick up Sation as a result of your followers’ referrals, you will receive a complete set of all Miss 2013 Collections.

      • If the salon picks up Sation, the participant who referred the salon will receive a set of products from Miss new nail care line & a surprise gift! ($100 value)

      • Salons that pick up Sation will receive massive exposure via our social media sites and marketing channels.

-The Salon Shout-out will run from (1/ 17/13) to (2/17/13)
-USA applicants only (sorryL)
-All referrals must contain complete info to be eligible for prize(s)
-Miss reserves the right to edit, modify or stop this campaign at any time during its run
-Miss will not sell your personal information to 3rd party sources or use strictly for solicitation purposes

Happy Weekend and i hope you win!! Ria :)

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