Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pixi Haul... Clearance at Target!

i didn't think i was going to be able to do a post today... i got a horrible headache earlier! thank goodness for  Advil :) it's weird when you get headaches out of the blue like that, i have them so rarely it always freaks me out when i do! today was my riding lesson, and i'm happy to report that i did not fall off today... my falling off every lesson streak is broken! hooray!! :D

Jewels decided to eat the Tivo remote today, so Mr. Pawlish and i had to go to Best Buy for a new one... sadly, they only sold the expensive ($$!) one with the slide out keyboard... but since we couldn't use Tivo without it, it came home with us. we did put some kind of buyer protection on it, so that if she eats it again within two years, they'll give us a new one at no charge. doggies. *sigh*

since we were close to the other Target, we had Pizza Hut in there and i (natch) had to check out the Pixi display. it was in shambles, but i did find some good stuff! if you have a Target near you, i recommend checking it out!

these Lid Last Shadow Pens weren't on sale, but now i finally have their whole collection! i bought two of these on another day, but i didn't want to do a post one just them... glad i waited :)

on to my clearance items... i bought my first full sized Pixi eye shadow!

and finally, a couple polishes!

there were a couple back ups of things i wanted to get on clearance, but for some reason they weren't half off like everything else... if i get a chance i will pick them up at my local Target, i love getting back ups on sale!

i hope you are having a great week! Ria :)

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