Sunday, January 6, 2013

Small Pixi Haul!

my brother is here!! :D i'm super excited to be able to spend a week with him, it's the first time i've seen him since May 2012. as soon as he got here we took him to our favorite local restaurant... and then had to go to Target to get a coffeemaker since Mr. Pawlish's bit the big one. while there, i just had to check out Pixi and get some more eyeliners... i plan on getting them all eventually! sadly, i couldn't get one of the ones i wanted because there was only one left and some gross person had swatched it :( but, on to what i did get!

i got two Endless Silky Eye Pens, a golden brown (Cafe Gold) and a dark plum (Deep Plum). i'm so into doing basic looks with just eyeliners lately... basically, i'm extremely lazy! and these eyeliners are the best i've used, they don't move once they've set.

then, i loved the peachy blush in the Pixi Early Bird Kit so much that i wanted to get it packaged by itself. i don't think i found the exact shade, but this one, Purest Peach, is close! please excuse the finger mark in it... i swatched it before i remembered to take a picture!

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pens retail for $15 and Pixi Beauty Blushes retail for $16. Pixi can be purchased at Target stores and, and also

i'm so glad i was given the opportunity to test out this brand last year... i have truly found a brand i'm in love with! here's hoping next time i'm at Target, they'll have a Black Tulip Eye Pen that hasn't been swatched! Ria :)

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