Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What I Got From The Recent Zoya Promo!

i can't believe how fast we're chugging through January! only a week left and then February... my birthday month :) of course, having a birthday now is less exciting since that just means my age is rolling on up! my best friend and i were born 11 days apart... so, i always have to tell everyone that she's MUCH older than me :D those 11 days make a huge difference, right?!

today i thought i'd share what i picked as my 3 free polishes from the recent Zoya promo. i picked up three classic colors that i've had my eye on but never bought. Indigo is probably the one that has been calling to me the most... blue with holographic shimmer?! yes, please! sadly, the shimmer isn't real evident on the nail... but more on that in a full review coming soon. i loved the little box they were packed in, so i just had to through that in the pic. i was also super excited to find a pamphlet in my package that lists all the colors with swatches! bloggers love that kind of thing ;)

i have my riding lesson tomorrow... the goal is... canter and not fall off! Aramis hasn't been spooking at everything over the past week like he was that day, so i'm feeling good about it. they have off days just like everyone else :)

Happy Tuesday! Ria :)


  1. All these colors are fun but I especially love the purple one. Cant wait to see your swatches and good luck with your canter :) No falling off!

    1. thank you! and would you believe i fell off again... totally my fault this time. grrrrr! ;)


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