Saturday, February 23, 2013

China Glaze White On White

successfully found Red Lobster today... and as i'd hoped, it was right across the street from the mall in Salinas! there is a mini Sephora inside their JC Penney store, so i was able to get my Beauty Insider birthday present... a sample duo from Benefit :D Sephora Beauty Insiders is another free program i highly recommend you join... if only to get the free samples in your birthday month! it's free to sign up and you don't even have to make a purchase to get your gift (i didn't!).

today's polish is China Glaze White On White. i've been using birthday coupons today... since they will expire soon because my birthday is the 28th! i had the Sally Beauty birthday coupon, so i ran in their to get basic stuff like Seche Vite... and i also need this particular polish for my swatching of the China Glaze Glitz - Bitz 'N Pieces collection. hopefully that collection will be tomorrow's post... as we say in the South, if the Lord tarries and the crick don't rise.

White On White is a bright white creme polish... an excellent basic. the formula is really nice... don't let the first coat scare you, it will even out nicely on the second! this polish does have a fairly runny formula, so make sure to push gently with your brush and wipe it off a few times before applying to the nail. it dries fairly shiny on its own, but it looks even better with topcoat!

two coats White On White, one coat China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat.

check back tomorrow for the Glitz - Bitz 'N Pieces collection! Ria :)

:: China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat was provided to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::


  1. Pretty, what's your secret to pretty nails that don't break, could you do a post of all your favorite nail care products. Another question, do you have gel or acrylic on your nails?

    1. thank you! i am a devoted user of Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus, it's a protein formula you paint on bare nails... i always have it on. here's the post on it...

      thank you for the suggestion, i will work on putting that post together! and no, my nails are all natural :)


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