Sunday, February 3, 2013

Color Club 2013 Halo Hues... Kismet

poor Mr. Pawlish has been spending the weekend rewriting a paper for school... he was completely done and the file didn't save correctly so half the paper went missing! he handled it better than i would have, i would have been raving hysterically for hours... he just asked the teacher for a weekend extension and rewrote it. lucky one of us is calm and rational, right? ;)

today's polish is Kismet from the 2013 Color Club Halo Hues collection (Colors So Heavenly)! it's a light green-leaning yellow linear holographic... so pretty! the formula was amazing, two coats for full opacity. i was worried that this light color would be sheer... but no let downs here! another great thing about this polish is that topcoat barely dulls the linear holo effect, much less than others in this collection. this swatch is shown without topcoat, however.

two coats Kismet.

i bought the whole collection from the seller Enospring on Ebay, it has not been officially released yet!

i'm so ecstatic with how holo all these polishes are, i definitely recommend the whole collection! Ria :)


i'd love to hear from you guys! let me know if you have any questions or advice :)