Friday, February 8, 2013

Essence Black Is Back

it poured all night last night, so i didn't get to go riding today... i did head over the barn to pick up my saddle so i can wash it this weekend, though. glad i wasn't planning to ride, there were loads of puddles everywhere!

today's polish is Essence Colour & Go Black Is Back, your basic black creme. however, it has an amazing formula and glossy finish that make it the best black creme i've used to date! it has full opacity at one coat and looks absolutely dreamy at two. i did use a topcoat with it, but only to help dry it... i don't know what it is about my body chemistry that keeps polishes from drying!

two coats Black Is Back, one coat Seche Vite.

Essence polishes just continue to blow my mind... all for $1.99! it's just crazy. i'm hoping they have a white creme that is just as opaque and glossy as this one... that would be awesome!

i had to chop my nails again, i busted another one. plus, i figured i might as well since i'm going to be cleaning some pretty dirty tack tomorrow. do you guys have more exciting weekends planned? what are you up to? Ria :)

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