Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Julep Ginger

it was so nice to be able to catch up with one of my best friends from Virginia tonight over the phone. i definitely miss being within driving distance of my close friends... i guess i'm technically still within driving distance, but it's a heck of a drive! we both have crazy families, so we love to commiserate with each other... not to mention just crack up over the latest ridiculous event :D

today's polish is Julep Ginger. it's a light bronze polish with a faint linear holo in its finish. i have to say i'm disappointed, i was hoping the Julep holographics would be... well... HOLOGRAPHIC! it is still a beautiful polish, and if i wasn't spoiled by the super strong holo effects from Layla, i would probably be more impressed. this polish is easily opaque in two coats... and strangely, the holographic effect actually appears stronger when topcoat is added... which is opposite of how much holographic polishes react!

two coats Ginger, one coat Seche Vite.

the hologram was pretty shy on camera, but i captured it a little bit! if you are someone put off by really in your face holographic polishes, this is an excellent alternative. it's also one i think you could get away with at the office... neutral color with just a little added something to make it special.

which do you prefer... in your face holo or just a subtle effect? or are you not a fan of holographic polishes at all? i'm, of course, firmly in the strong holo camp... but i do appreciate a subtle holo, too! Ria :)

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