Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SpaRitual Back To Your Roots

when my alarm went off this morning, it wasn't raining at all... but after checking the weather online, it was supposedly raining where my barn is, and they were calling for rain all day. so, i decided not to go out today as i pretty much hate getting wet! i'm hoping we'll be able to have a lesson tomorrow, but it rained a lot today, so we'll see. i was hoping the rain was gone for good, but no such luck!

today's polish is SpaRitual Back To Your Roots, a medium tan creme. the formula is outstanding, easy to work with and perfectly opaque in two coats. this polish would probably be a lot more nude looking on someone with darker skin, but definitely no mannequin hands on my ultra pale skin! it dries glossy on its own, but i do prefer it with topcoat!

two coats Back To Your Roots, one coat Seche Vite.

in person, this bottle does not look mixed well and has loads of greenish streaking... but this did not appear to affect the polish as all. application was perfectly even color wise!

hope the weather is beautiful where you are! Ria :)


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