Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ulta Rewards Haul!

i have been searching for a ginger salad dressing for a while now... i guess that's not a big thing in California? at any rate, i found a sesame ginger one at Safeway that i'm looking forward to giving a go. i wish i could be one of those people who just put vinegar on their salad and are ready to chow down... but i can barely choke it down even with a dressing i like. if only salad tasted more like... pizza :)

i'm excited to share with you all the things i bought with my Ulta rewards... i had saved up 2000 points so i had $125 to spend... that was pretty awesome! i bought some necessities like cotton balls and toner that i won't bore you with... but i got some great beauty products :D let's kick it off with nail polish!

first up we have the OPI Mariah Carey collection... unfortunately, they were out of the glitter and i haven't been able to find it anywhere. i might have to score that one off Ebay. this collection debuted the new Liquid Sand finish... looking forward to trying those babies out. OPI polishes have gone up to $9, i couldn't believe it!

then i got the last three Layla Softouch Effect polishes that i was missing, i love polishes that pull double duty!

i got a couple more Essence polishes... even though the price has gone up to $1.99, they are still a great deal. i'm curious as to how well their black will perform, and if it will stamp!

lastly, i got a lipstick and a lip gloss from Benefit. i have never tried any of their lip products, so i figured now was the perfect time. i'm digging them so far! 

finally, i got a Revlon Lip Butter. the other two in the picture i had bought at CVS the day before, so i wanted to throw them in :) there's so much hype on these, i'm still trying them out to see how well they live up to it. review on these maybe next week!

the wonderful Mr. Pawlish kept me company while i was picking all this out... and those of you who have shopped with me know how indecisive i am... it took FOREVER to make all these selections! i love shopping at Ulta because of their rewards program... i get at least a little back on purchases i was going to make anyway. if you shop at Ulta, you should definitely sign up, it's free! Ria :)


  1. If you have a Sprouts store they have like an asian ginger salad dressing in the refrigerated section of produce.

    1. Oooo thank you! i'll have to check and see!!


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