Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Little Saturday Haulage

i haven't been buying much lately, but i did pick up a few things over the past couple weeks... so, i thought i'd share them with you! i confess i was completely lazy today and slept mostly all day... it was the first day in weeks i had absolutely nothing to do so i took full advantage :D

we'll kick off with the most exciting thing i bought... three Benefit Ultra Shine glosses in a bargain set from Ulta for only $18! normally ONE gloss is $18, so i highly recommend picking these up... the only sad thing is that this line of gloss is being discontinued. i guess that's why they are bargain-barreling the prices!

they also were giving away a makeup bag with purchase that day... i'm not sure i really like it, though. i do love the little 'Bene-Doggy' bowl at the bottom, though :D

finally, i got a few Sally Hansen polishes on clearance, one full price that i just couldn't leave behind... and one lonely Essence :) the Essence is from Ulta, all the others i got from a military store. i'm super excited about the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Black Tie... it's the full price one i couldn't leave behind with all its multi-chrome goodness!

i have six more Hard Candy polishes the company was kind enough to send me for review, those will coming up over the next week! Ria :)

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