Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hard Candy Crush On Lava

missed out on riding today, thanks to the weather loving to rain on Wednesdays! i do have a good story from yesterday, though, so i've got you covered :) i was cantering Aramis when he decided to freak out completely for no reason i could see... so we did a little stirrup-less cantering! yikes, i have no idea how i didn't fall off... horses' manes are quite handy. i'm sure i looked absolutely ridiculous hanging on for dear life and yelling 'TROT! TROT! TROT!'. happily, he slowed down and everything ended well. i dropped my whip in the chaos and didn't feel like getting off to go get it, so we cantered a bit without... until he was like... you don't have a whip! that means i don't have to work anymore! *sigh* we're getting there, though... used to be i couldn't make him trot without a whip and now that's no problem :)

today's polish is Hard Candy Crush On Lava from their Crushed Chromes collection (it was kindly sent to me for review!). i am in love with this polish! it's a burgundy to bronze duochrome in a foil finish... it's just gorgeous. it's one that i loved in the bottle and was so happy it translated nicely onto the nail. the formula is pretty good... it's sheer and patchy at one coat but evens out nicely and becomes opaque at coat two. i recommend adding a topcoat to seal it in and bring out all the shinies!

two coats Crush On Lava, one coat Seche Vite in bright light.

and in the shade!

Hard Candy nail lacquers are available exclusively at Walmart and retail for $3.97 for .26 fl. oz. check out for more information on all Hard Candy products!

i tried to buy some Hard Candy polishes today, but the racks were completely bare! not sure if they hadn't yet arrived at my Walmart or if they had just been completely picked clean. i'll check for them again next time i'm there... i definitely want all the Crushed Chromes! Ria :)

:: this polish was sent to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::


  1. This is gorgeous! I looked for this one last time I was at Walmart, but they were all gone.

    1. i fall more and more in love the longer it's on! i couldn't believe it when my Walmart had ZERO polishes left on the Hard Candy shelves.


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