Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hard Candy Fireworks

Mama Pawlish made it to Virginia! turns out they're having a huge snow storm (at the end of March?! what?!), so it's crazy that they didn't close the airport. Mr. Pawlish and i took a little road trip today to go to a big tack store that's a couple hours away. i was really hoping to find a new bridle to use in dressage, but they didn't have exactly what i'm looking for... in the size i need it in! i did get a white pad and a black dressage whip, though... so at least those things are covered :)

today we have the last Hard Candy polish i received for review, Fireworks from their Crystal Confetti collection! it has loads of different sized and shaped red glitter pieces (including bar!) and medium sized blue hex pieces. this is all in a sheer, jelly-like reddish pink base. this is one of those polishes that sometimes looks completely red, and others it's clearly pink! because there is so much going on in this polish, i think you will be happy with the coverage at two coats... i was. if you really, really examine you might see some VNL, but it's difficult because all the different elements distract the eye. it goes on pretty easy with minimal need for placing... the biggest issue would be to make sure there aren't any pieces that are hanging off your nail tip... they are quite scratchy. this can easily be solved by gently pushing back at the polish while it's still tacky, but not extremely wet. i would add topcoat to make sure everything is smooth and make it all super shiny!

two coats Fireworks, one coat Seche Vite.

in this bright light you can really see how jelly-like the base is!

Hard Candy nail lacquers are available exclusively at Walmart and retail for $3.97 for .26 fl. oz. check out for more information on all Hard Candy products!

i hope you've enjoyed seeing these polishes, i've certainly enjoyed wearing them! a big thank you to the people at Hard Candy! 

i plan on purchasing more as soon as they arrive at my Walmart (i want to have ALL the Crushed Chromes, for starters!), how about you guys? Ria :)

:: this polish was sent to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::


i'd love to hear from you guys! let me know if you have any questions or advice :)