Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Magazine For Polish Lovers... Nail It!

i'm convinced the weather people have no idea what's going to happen... pretty much all their predictions have been wrong this week! i'm glad since it means i got way more practice time in for my first show... but i'm bummed that the rain has finally arrived now.

i was at CVS tonight and happened to walk by the magazine rack... imagine my surprise to see a magazine devoted entirely to nails! i had heard rumblings last year of a coming nail magazine that was aimed towards consumers instead of professionals, but didn't look into it. i happened upon the premiere issue of Nail It!, which i'm super excited about. it's set up like a fashion magazine, with lots of ads in the beginning and more articles towards the end.

here's what the cover looks like...

it even came with a couple nail decals to try out!

i'm thoroughly enjoying this magazine! i definitely plan on continuing to buy them. it looks like there are going to be six issues a year, and it retails for $5.99 an issue. if you subscribe, you can save around $4 an issue... but i want to see how well the magazine does before subscribing. 

will you guys be picking up a copy of Nail It! ? i'm so surprised (and ecstatic!) that there is now a whole magazine devoted to such a niche part of the beauty world... i've heard nails are the fastest growing part of the beauty industry... looks like it might be true! Ria :)


  1. I've used those nail decals before (a set of the one in the bottom right corner) and I HATED them. They don't stick as well and the don't last long at all. Good luck! Haha

    1. good thing they were free! plus, there aren't really enough to do an actual manicure. i like that it's something to try, though!

  2. ooh not too bad.. that's a good price.. Reminds me of the japanese nail mags I get.. the only difference is I can actually read this one! lol I will check it out!

    1. i'm super excited that there's something in English, since sadly that's the only language i speak! let me know what you think of the mag :D


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