Friday, March 8, 2013

Orly Shining Star

getting myself ready for the dressage show on Sunday... today i'm conditioning and oiling my tack really well so that it looks nice and snappy! i'm starting to get really nervous about the show... i realized that i haven't done any sort of performance in years. i'm hoping that all those years of theatre won't fail me now!

since i'm busy today, i decided to just layer Orly Shining Star over my Julep Shenae mani. this gives you a very subtle look... but still pretty. Shining Star is a warm, golden iridescent glitter... it would probably be much more striking over a darker polish. i liked the coverage i got at two coats... this is one of those glitters that would be impossible to build to opacity on its own. to bring out all the sparkle, you'll want to add topcoat!

two coats Shining Star, one coat Seche Vite, all over my Julep Shenae mani.

what are your plans for the weekend? hope you have fun! Ria :)


  1. This is really pretty!

    I'm thinking I'm just watching movies this weekend - the weather is supposed to be really gross.

    1. ugh bums on the weather! movies are pretty great, though :)


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