Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pixi Glow Pirouette Pink

i can't believe my first horse show is tomorrow! i keep flashing back and forth between really nervous and excited... i'm just hoping to get through my test twice without falling off or my horse leaving the dressage ring. i've always loved performing in front of people, so i'm hoping that confidence will carry me through!

today's polish is Pixi Glow in Pirouette Pink, a bright salmon creme. it almost reaches neon in intensity, but not quite. it's a super fun color that is exactly what i was looking for to wear to tomorrow's show... of course, i wear gloves, so the polish won't show... but i'll know :D Pirouette Pink goes on a bit patchy in the first coat, but evens out nicely in the second. it dries down so a somewhat rubbery finish, so it greatly benefits from a shine topcoat... really brings the polish to life!

two coats Pirouette Pink, one coat Seche Vite.

Happy Saturday! Ria :)

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