Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pixi Summer Sunset

i feel like such a goober because i keep forgetting to put the new laces in my riding boots! i'm hoping the broken one doesn't bust completely while i'm riding... but since i wear half chaps over my boots, it shouldn't be too dramatic even if it does break.

today's polish is Pixi Summer Sunset from their Summer 2013 shades (kindly provided to me for review!). it's a saturated orangey-red that is shot through with subtle golden shimmers! it has a hint of jelly in the finish, which adds depth, but also means it's a touch sheer. i used three coats which left a touch of visible nail line on some nails if you look really closely... but not enough to bother me at all. two coats actually gave great coverage, and if i wasn't swatching and taking pictures, i would have stuck with two! it dries nice and glossy on its own, i added topcoat to help it dry faster :)

three coats Summer Sunset, one coat Seche Vite.

Pixi is available online at PixiBeauty.com and Target.com, as well as in Target stores, retailing for $8!

come back tomorrow for the last polish in Pixi's Summer 2013 colors! Ria :)

:: this polish was sent to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::

Monday, April 29, 2013

Pixi Wakeup Wisteria

it has really warmed up this week! i couldn't believe how hot it was at the barn this morning... and then i feel a little guilty because a day like this in the South would be dreamy. i'm telling you, i'm spoiled by this peninsula weather!

today's polish is one of three new Pixi shades for Summer 2013... Wakeup Wisteria (kindly provided to me for review!). it's a lovely mid-toned purple creme with a great formula... easy to work with and completely opaque at two coats. it dries glossy on its own, i added topcoat just to aid in drying!

two coats Wakeup Wistera, one coat Seche Vite.

Pixi is available online at PixiBeauty.com and Target.com, as well as in Target stores, retailing for $8!

check back tomorrow and Wednesday for the other two colors in Pixi's Summer 2013 line! Ria :)

:: this polish was sent to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::

Sunday, April 28, 2013

bareMinerals READY Foundation Haul

Mr. Pawlish and i headed out to CPK for lunch... i basically live for their avocado club rolls! once home i spent most of the afternoon cleaning tack... it absolutely amazes me how dry the leather stays, no matter how hard i try to keep it conditioned. since i keep up with it, i don't even use saddle soap, which would dry it more... it's just the climate i'm fighting!

i'm almost out of my longtime face powder (Lancome Dual Finish), so i thought i'd try something new to see if it does better during exercise. i was thinking loose minerals might be good, but the bareMinerals makeup artist recommended their pressed compact which is the READY Foundation, so that's what i bought. i have always had trouble finding matching foundations because i'm so fair... imagine my shock to find out that i've gotten much darker in my face since moving to Cali... i'm a Medium! *gasp* this is the darkest i've ever been in my life... which is pretty funny since i'm still much lighter than the average person. when i was in college i was desperate to get some color... i guess i just needed to move to California :)

i fell madly in love with the brush the makeup artist used, so i bought that, too! it's the Precision Face and it's a dense, synthetic flat top angle brush. (whew, that's a mouthful.)

here's a look at what i got...

here's the powder without the 'HELLO.' film over it... can't decide if that's cute or creepy!

and finally, a look at the info on the back of the compact!

do any of you use this foundation? what do you think of it?

any recommendations for a good foundation for oily skin that will stay on during exercise? i know that's asking for a lot from makeup! 

Happy Sunday! Ria :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zoya Opal

ran errands with Mr. Pawlish today... but in my typical fashion, i forgot one of the most important (not to mention biggest) things! i really need a new bookcase, but i completely forgot about it... guess i'll be heading out again. i did find bootlaces... because i forgot to measure the ones i have, i went ahead and bought two sizes... hopefully one of them will work!

today's polish is Zoya Opal... a lovely flakie! it's a warm green that flashes to blue in a green tinted base. i put it over yesterday's Barielle Date Night manicure... they look great together! it's so easy to use, the flakes spread out nicely and there was very little need for any placing... these are some of the easiest flakies to work with :) all you need is one coat and a topcoat to make them shine and you're ready to go!

one coat Zoya Opal, one coat Seche Vite, both over my Barielle Date Night mani.

i'll never get over my love of flakies, they're just so fun and beautiful! Ria :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Barielle Date Night

lovely day at the barn today, a friend joined me and we had a lazy day walking around riding bareback. Aramis was super good and sweet today... reminds me why i love him so much! one of my boot laces has shredded, so i headed over to the tack supply... but they were out of boot laces. i did get the good fly spray a friend recommended as the best, and a saddle stand! i've been wanting a pink one (everything of mine is generally pink), but this was way cheaper than i'd be able to order one... and since i'm cleaning tack this weekend, i bought it. i'm tired of putting my saddle on chairs and having the whole thing fall over! hooray for easy fixes :)

today's polish is Barielle Date Night, a malachite green in a pearly frost finish. i don't have any colors quite like this, it's gorgeous! there are some visible brushstrokes, but nothing too bad... and the color is worth it. it really looks just like the gem malachite! the formula is great, amazing coverage in one coat and has complete opacity in two. it dries nice and shiny, i added topcoat to aid in drying!

two coats Date Night, one coat Seche Vite.

this weekend i am heading out in search of boot laces... what exciting things do you have planned? Ria :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

China Glaze Oxidized Aqua

a big structure is being torn down at the barn which was causing big, scary noises... did you know those can eat horses? ;) i decided to just walk Aramis today instead of riding him... since yesterday wasn't great, i didn't want to follow it up with getting dumped! it looks like it might take awhile for the thing to get torn down, so i'll probably go ahead and ride tomorrow... we'll see how life looks in the morning :)

today's polish is China Glaze Oxidized Aqua from their Crackle Glaze collection. it's been awhile since i featured a crackle on the blog! my love for them hasn't waned at all :D Oxidized Aqua is sparkly warm blue foil that cracks beautifully. i layered it over yesterday's Essence Modern Romance mani, i love the peach and blue together! a coat of top coat really brings out all the shinies and makes the dimension really pop.

one coat Oxidized Aqua, one coat Seche Vite, both over Essence Modern Romance.

i realized i have a bunch of China Glaze Crackle polishes i forgot about, those will be featured in the coming months! Happy Thursday! Ria :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Essence Modern Romance

it's amazing how a manicure can brighten your mood. i was feeling pretty crabby, but adding this fun peach polish automatically made me feel a little happier. give it a try if you're having a crap day, too :)

today's polish is Essence Modern Romance. it's a lovely peach creme with a hint of pink shimmer running through it. the shimmer is visible in bright light, but mostly it's pretty shy. it's sheer, but buildable. it would like nice as a topper for a French tip mani with one or two coats, it also looks nice how i have it swatched... three coats for full opacity! it dries nice and shiny on its own, but i did add topcoat to aid in drying.

three coats Modern Romance (extra coat on ring which was still looking a little thin), one coat Seche Vite.

as always, i can't say enough good things about Essence! such amazing quality for $1.99, i buy mine at Ulta.

whew, halfway through the week! Ria :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Layla Velvet Effect 07 Lemon Soft

i'm happy to report i managed to make it through the whole night last night without falling out of bed :) once you fall out of bed, it makes you a little paranoid that it's going to keep happening! 

today's review is on Layla Velvet Effect 07 Lemon Soft, their new line of nail art (kindly provided to me for review!). Velvet Effect is texturizing particles that come in a traditional Layla polish bottle. 07 Lemon Soft is lime green and once applied, really reminds me of fiberglass insulation... it's a pretty cool effect! i layered it on top of Layla CE 34 Lavender Mud (also provided for review!) for contrast (especially in swatch photos!), but i think it would look better over greens and yellows... let me know if you'd like to see it layered over other polishes :) Velvet Effects are easy to apply... you just sprinkle them on the nail while your base polish is still wet, wait for the polish to dry, then brush off the excess particles. it's best to go nail by nail, so that the polish will be as wet as possible and help the particles stick on better! you can also gently press down once you've applied the Velvet Effect, to make sure the particles are really bonding into the polish.

your nails will feel soft and fuzzy with this product, not sharp at all. after washing your hands, Velvet Effects dry really quickly... which was something i was concerned about. don't worry, your nails won't feel soggy!

here's a bottle shot with the little brush that was provided for me in my sample box!

and here's Layla Velvet Effect 07 Lemon Soft over Layla CE 34 Lavender Mud!

Layla Velvet Effect products are available at Aveyou.com and Zappos.com, retailing for $10.50!

i hope you are all having a fantastic week! Ria :)

:: these products were provided to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::

Monday, April 22, 2013

Layla Gel Effect 03 Barbie Pink

would you believe i fell out of bed last night?! yep, i did! i had a nightmare and i guess i just hurled myself out of bed, right onto my jewelry armoire... i woke up from slamming my thigh on one of the drawer knobs. ouchies. good thing i don't sleep in a loft or a bunk bed, huh? :D

today's polish is Layla Gel Effect 03 Barbie Pink (kindly provided to me for review!). Gel Effect is Layla's new line which mimics salon gel nail polishes... without the use of UV lamp! i was really impressed with it's easiness to apply, it smooths the nails and has a nice thickness to it without having a sticky, hard to work with formula. it's not necessary to apply topcoat as it dries shiny on its own, but i like using one for extra glossiness! 03 Barbie Pink is a warm, saturated pink creme. it's lovely on the nail and has good staying power. i wore it this past weekend, which was spent riding horses... tacking up and taking care of horses is hard on the nails. i did experience a little chipping and tip wear, but most of the chips were due to my actual nail peeling off and not the polish.

two coats 03 Barbie Pink, one coat Seche Vite.

Layla Gel Effect polishes are available at www.Aveyou.com and www.Zappos.com, retailing for $10.50!

check back tomorrow for my review of Layla Velvet Effect! Ria :)

:: this polish was provided to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Layla Gel Effect Nail Polish Press Release

today i have for you all Layla's other new press release on their Gel Effect Nail Polish! i'm super excited to try out the sample i was kindly sent, i love that it looks like a gel but works like a regular polish. sorry this wasn't up yesterday, i wasn't able to get it uploaded from my phone. i had an absolutely fantastic weekend, i hope you all did as well! Ria :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Layla Velvet Effect Press Release

today i have a press release from Layla to share with you on their cool new Velvet Effect! they were kind enough to send me a sample, so i will have a post on it for you all next week. check back tomorrow for another new Layla press release! Ria :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

NYC Long Wearing 140 Empire State Blue

a friend went riding with me this morning, then we headed over to a horse show at the Monterey Fair Grounds... i had high hopes of it being really cool... sadly, it was not. there was nothing going on, and no signs telling when a competition might be starting. basically, it was some people milling around and a few people exercising horses. not what i expected at all! i did love seeing the tack on the horses that were out, it was totally blinged out and sparkly :D

today's polish is NYC Long Wearing 140 Empire State Blue. this one almost went back to the store for being SUPER sheer... but i actually forgot to return it, so i decided to try it as a glaze. i'm glad i did, because it's beautiful :) it's a rich warm blue with green shimmer shot completely throughout. i used two coats of it over yesterday's Sation Blue Sky's The Limit manicure. it dried pretty shiny on its own, so i decided to go ahead and photograph it that way since i was going to be taking it right off. if i were planning on wearing this polish out, i would add a coat of topcoat to aid in the drying process!

two coats 140 Empire State Blue over my Sation Blue Sky's The Limit manicure.

i'm going away tomorrow on a ladies trail ride, so there won't be long posts this Friday or Saturday... but i do have two awesome Layla press releases to share with you! Happy Thursday! Ria :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sation Blue Sky's The Limit

i was thinking of just keeping the fly spray from yesterday (or rather, giving it away) but since the boots i ordered don't fit Aramis, guess i'm just going to have to deal with Dover customer service! i can't remember if i mentioned i bought a new bridle last weekend, but i used it for the first time today... and it fits great and looks snappy :D slowly but surely collecting all the schtuff i need for the fancy pants dressage show next month!

today's polish is Sation Blue Sky's The Limit. it's a dusty blue creme (on the light side of the mid-tones) with a great formula. blues like this can be chalky or streaky, but this one is neither! it's a little patchy on coat one, but evens out to perfection on coat two. it dries shiny on its own, but i prefer it with a shine topcoat to make it extra glossy (and aid in drying!).

two coat Blue Sky's The Limit, one coat Seche Vite.

congratulations, you've all made it halfway through the week! Ria :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SpaRitual Cassiterite

the Dover Saddlery order i've been waiting for finally arrived... only to find they sent the wrong fly spray! this one is concentrate and has to be mixed fresh before each other... in other words, never going to happen. guess i'll be calling them tomorrow! i'm also bummed because i thought the conditioner i'd ordered was a cream, but it turned out to be a spray... this is why buying in person is always better. Aramis will be happy, though, because his peppermint bit wipes arrived :D

today's polish is SpaRitual Cassiterite. it's a creamy golden foil filled with gold glitter pieces and a few scattered pieces of holographic glitter! it's opaque in two easy to apply coats, i love SpaRitual's brush. this one dries down to a textured look, i guess the glitter in it is quite chunky. it looks even better with a coat of topcoat!

two coats Cassiterite, one coat Seche Vite.

i don't think the texturized finish of this polish was necessarily intentional by the company, but it is certainly right on trend! Ria :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

China Glaze Texture Press Release

today i have a press release from China Glaze for you all on their new Texture collection! i hope you all have had a fantastic Monday! Ria :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Julep Mackenzie

spent all day home with the dogs today, i didn't want to leave them since we were gone for so long yesterday! we trimmed their nails... i will never cease to be amazed at how fast Jasper's nails grow! he really hates getting it done, but at least he behaved pretty well today... even though Mama Pawlish wasn't there to give him treaties. i can't believe she's still in Virginia, i have no idea when she'll get to come home. my other big productive moment of the day was conditioning and oiling my new bridle and Mr. Pawlish's wallet. the spine of his wallet is so dry, it's been needing conditioning for years!

today's polish is Julep Mackenzie. it's a saturated green apple color with a pearlescent white shimmer running through it. you can see a few brushstrokes, but they're not too bad. i used two coats and got pretty good opacity, you can only see the nail lines if you look really closely at the right angle! i think it would have completely opaque with another coat. the strange thing with this polish is i swear it actually smells like green apple! if you have this polish, tell me if you think it smells like that, too :) a coat of topcoat will really help it dry and add a nice shine!

two coats Mackenzie, one coat Seche Vite.

i hope you've all had a fantastic weekend! Ria :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chevron French Tips Using Layla Softouch Effect 12 Noir Touch!

today was so great :) Mr. Pawlish and i went to watch show jumping and cross country at the huge horse show going on this weekend... i'm wowed and amazed by cross country, we were in a great position to watch some high level horses and riders. i can't believe how fast the horses go and how much ground they have to cover... talk about endurance athletes! in happy purchases, i got a new bridle for the dressage show next month, and a blindingly pink bridle so Aramis can be all fancy at the barn :D

today i'd like to show you that the Layla Softouch Effect polishes make it so easy to do French tips with! because 12 Noir Touch looks so different just by adding topcoat, i simply painted one coat of Seche Vite in a Chevron French design over two coats of Noir Touch... and, voila! nails that are modern and fun, with nice added visual interest!

see 12 Noir Touch fully reviewed here!

i am completely in love with this manicure, it's amazing how something so basic can be so chic! is this a look you would rock? Ria :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Layla Softouch Effect 12 Noir Touch

had a lovely, lazy day at the barn today. rode bareback, then hung out with Aramis and let him eat grass. just being able to relax and be with horses is one of the best ways i can think of to spend a day! what does your dream day look like?

today's polish is Layla Softouch Effect 12 Noir Touch. it's the black creme in the Softouch Effect line, with a lovely soft matte finish. if you add topcoat, the polish morphs into a glossy pitch black... it's pretty amazing! the formula is nice, easy to work with and completely opaque in two coats.

two coats Noir Touch, one coat Seche Vite one pinkie and middle.

can you believe that's the same polish, just with and without topcoat?! which finish do you prefer?

my nails have been chopped quite a bit since yesterday... as soon as i took the blog photo yesterday, i busted off one my nails on my swatching hand! i was a good girl and filed the others down instead of taking of the easy route of nail clippers... although i'm not entirely convinced it makes a difference.

i'm looking forward to tomorrow, Mr. Pawlish and i are going to a horse show to watch some show jumping and cross country! Happy Friday! Ria :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chevron French Mani Using Essence Black Is Back

i'm super happy because i picked up my jewelry from Tiffany today! they asked if i wanted a box to put it in... but i wore both out of the store :) i've really missed wearing my necklace and bracelet, can't believe it's taken me like a year to get around to getting them repaired. the bracelet is the one where i broke the clasp... in the refrigerator. that's pretty funny now, but i was SO mad at the time :D

today i thought i'd do a little something different and just do a chevron French manicure! that's what i felt like putting on, so i thought... why not share?! i used two coats of my favorite black creme, Essence Black Is Back, for the chevrons. i also added a dot of OPI Just Spotted The Lizard at the chevron point to add a little visual interest. a rhinestone would look awesome there, but i was feeling to lazy to mess around them :) i added two coats of Seche Vite so that my nails would really shine, especially since my natural nail is completely visible at the bottom!

would you all like to see more posts like this? i'm not the greatest at nail art, but it's fun giving it a go on occasion! and this is about as basic as you can get :D any ideas of names for the series? i wanted to use Manicure of the Moment, but loads of people have already used that (and any incarnations of it i could come up with), and i hate for anyone to think i'm stealing their idea! thank goodness it's so easy to Google and check before you commit yourself.

this week has flown by somehow, i can't believe tomorrow is Friday... but i'm sure glad it is! Ria :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sation Brand Partners With ipsy... Press Release!

today i have a new press release from Sation to share with you all! in addition, Sation is offering a promotion on their website www.misspn.com, enter the code IPSY30 (it's case sensitive!) at checkout to receive 20% off your Sation nail lacquer purchase!

The New Beauty in the Bag 

Miss Professional Nail (Miss) has announced a brand partnership with online beauty giant ipsy, a video
community showcasing customized looks and product tutorials from the best and brightest of the beauty world. “Love At First Byte” and “Of Corset I’ll Call You,” from Sation’s Miss Antoinette Spring 2013 nail lacquer collection, will be featured in ipsy’s April “Glam Bag.” For $10/month, subscribers in the USA and Canada receive a themed Glam Bag with four or five deluxe beauty products, selected by ipsy stylists to deliver a finished look.

One of the two pretty-in-pink Sation polishes will bring smiles to the 126,000 Glam Bag subscribers this month, the largest initiative Miss has ever participated in. Sation nail lacquers will be showcased in ipsy’s video content/tutorials, Look Challenges and Facebook contests, reaching over eight million viewers and subscribers.

Be sure to check out ipsy this month at www.ipsy.com for all the latest beauty buzz and Sation's colorful debut!

For more on Miss products, go to www.misspn.com Miss is an MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) certified company.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OPI William Tell Me About OPI

such a fun day today, my friend invited me along to go look at a mare she's considering buying :) i was glad to be able to see what goes into buying a horse... it's definitely nothing like getting a dog from the pound! we had lunch at a fish joint afterwards... i'm going to have to take Mr. Pawlish there, he would love it. i had calamari fillets which were quite good... have to be careful when ordering because they also serve calamari with tentacles! yikes, can't eat food that looks like it did when it was alive.

today's polish is William Tell Me About OPI from... (surprise!) OPI. i picked this up the other day from CVS... check your local CVS because mine had some older polishes, including DS Sapphire! i thought William was going to be more purple toned, but it turned out to be much more brown. it's a vampy, ox blood type creme that is opaque in two coats... don't be worried by the patchiness on coat one! it's fairly shiny on its own, but it definitely benefits from a shine topcoat and becomes SUPER shiny :)

two coats William, one coat Seche Vite.

i do love these vampy colors, they are just so sexy! is this one you would wear? Ria :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Julep Eden

it's super windy today, a tree blew over and knocked out power around my whole apartment complex! happily, the power came on just in time to cook dinner... Mr. Pawlish warmed up some leftovers for us, nothing fancy this evening. the wind is still blowing pretty good though, i'm hoping the power stays on!

today's polish is Julep Eden from the April 2013 It Girl box. ready for some made up words? it's a blurple crelly! for the non-polish fanatic, it 's a bluish purple in a semi-jelly, semi-creme finish. the formula is nice, it's opaque in two easy coats and flows evenly off the brush. it dries down to looking rubbery, a coat of top coat makes it super shiny and brings out the jelly look! i painted two fingers with topcoat and left two alone so that you can see the huge difference. the downside with leaving it without topcoat is that the dry time is quite long!

two coats Eden, one coat Seche Vite on ring and pointer fingers!

the polish is a bit more purple than my camera and editing could capture!

Happy Monday! Ria :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Julep Maven :: April 2013 It Girl Box

i'm learning a new test for the big dressage show coming up next month. it's easiest to learn by actually doing it... so i ran around my backyard while my husband called out the instructions. i'm sure i looked a little insane, but that's okay... gives the neighbors something to talk about :D

today we're taking a peek in the April 2013 Julep Maven It Girl box. the colors were brights this time and quite bold. the only extra treatie was a piece of rock candy... but i LOVE rock candy! it's something i always begged for when i was little girl... probably because i've always loved rocks period :)

here's the box...

and here are the polishes themselves! i usually put the little quote paper in the box shot, but i'm a huge fan of RuPaul, so i featured it in the polish shot so it gets a little more attention :)

Eden seems like the most unique of the three, that's probably tomorrow's post. let me know which ones you'd like to see reviewed! Ria :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

China Glaze Hologlam... Galactic Gray

Mr. Pawlish and i didn't do anything super exciting today, just ran a couple errands. the only major thing we needed was dog food, it's amazing how much two dogs put away! 

today we have the last of the China Glaze Hologlam collection... Galactic Gray (kindly provided to me for review!). it's a taupey greY with what is probably the strongest linear holographic finish in the bunch. this polish is just gorgeous! remember to shake the bottle up really well before use, and not to stroke over the same spot too many times during application to avoid balding. it's opaque in only two coats and looks perfect with a coat of shine topcoat... which doesn't dull the holo at all!

two coats Galactic Gray, one coat China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat (also provided for review!).

the China Glaze Hologlam collection retails for $14.00 and can found at fine salons and beauty supply stores in April 2013! check out www.ChinaGlaze.com to find out more!

i hope you've all enjoyed the Hologlams! which one is your favorite? Ria :)

:: these polishes were provided to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::

Friday, April 5, 2013

China Glaze Hologlam... Don't Be A Luna-Tic

had a lovely horseback ride this morning! Aramis was really fidgety while i was tacking up, so i was wondering if he was planning on giving me a hard time today... but once i got on he was great :) he moved really nicely into the canter as soon as i asked for it... it just doesn't get better than that :D

today's China Glaze Hologlam is Don't Be A Luna-Tic (kindly provided to me for review!). it's a light minty green with one of the stronger linear holographic finishes in the collection! i like this one a lot, i own quite a few minty polishes in all finishes and am always glad to have another join the ranks... especially with a holographic finish! the formula dries really quickly, so don't swipe the brush over the same spot too many times or you'll have dragging. shake the bottle up well before use to distribute all the holographic particles! this polish is easily opaque in two coats, and looks its best with a shine topcoat... the topcoat doesn't dull any of the holo-ness!

two coats Don't Be A Luna-Tic, one coat China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat (also provided for review!).

the China Glaze Hologlam collection retails for $14.00 and can found at fine salons and beauty supply stores in April 2013! check out www.ChinaGlaze.com to find out more!

i can't believe tomorrow will complete our 12 days of China Glaze Hologlam collection! i've thoroughly enjoyed trying out these polishes, i will miss not having a new holo to put on everyday! Ria :)

:: these polishes were provided to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::

Thursday, April 4, 2013

China Glaze Hologlam... Infra Red

i'm just not good at guessing which days are going to be rainy or have bad footing at the barn! i headed out this morning even though the forecast was for rain... and it did indeed rain. since i was there i decided to brave the rain (it wasn't a downpour or anything) and just walk Aramis around a bit and let him eat grass... so he was a happy guy. i had a doctors appointment today as well... but the receptionist failed to let me know they had moved offices when i talked to her yesterday! i was really ticked, but luckily the new office wasn't too far away so i could still have my appointment. supposedly they had sent me letter a couple weeks ago, but i never got it. oh, well... at least it all worked out in the end!

today's China Glaze Hologlam is Infra Red (kindly provided to me for review!). it's a rich fuchsia berry with one of the stronger linear holographic finishes in the collection! it's really a lovely polish, i'm so happy to have it. the formula is great, almost full coverage at one coat and perfection at two! adding topcoat gives it a yummy shine and doesn't diminish the holo effect :)

two coats Infra Red, one coat China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat (also provided for review!).

the China Glaze Hologlam collection retails for $14.00 and can be found at fine salons and beauty supply stores in April 2013! check out www.ChinaGlaze.com to find out more!

i'm hoping the rain stays away so i can get a good horseback ride in before the weekend... either way, Mr. Pawlish doesn't have to go to school tomorrow, so i'm a happy girl! Ria :)

:: these polishes were provided to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

China Glaze Hologlam... Strap On Your Moonboots

the weirdest things happen to me! i was riding today and kept seeing a little yellowish blob... i finally realized the blob was hanging off my helmet visor. i picked it up and it was a little spider! a little spider was dangling by its little spider thread off the visor of my helmet, right in my face. seriously, who does that happen to?! i just blew him off my glove because i don't like to kill things... but geeze, please try and stay out of my personal space!

today's China Glaze Hologlam polish is Strap On Your Moonboots (kindly provided to me for review!). it's the darker sister to yesterday's China Glaze Hologlam in Take A Trek, a deep blue jean/denim linear holographic polish... it has a bit strong holo quality than Take A Trek as well. i love the richness in the tone of this polish! the formula is nice, it's easily opaque in two coats. like others in this collection, shake the bottle well and wipe off your brush before application. a shine topcoat brings out all the best in the polish, including the holo finish!

two coats Strap On Your Moonboots, one coat China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat (also provided for review!)

the China Glaze Hologlam collection retails for $14.00 and can found at fine salons and beauty supply stores in April 2013! check out www.ChinaGlaze.com to find out more!

congratulations everyone, we're halfway to Friday! Ria :)

:: these polishes were provided to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

China Glaze Hologlam... Take A Trek

turns out i should've gone to the barn yesterday, the footing was great! you just never know with weather around here, it's bizarre. tomorrow is lesson day, i'm hoping for a repeat of the gorgeous sun from today :)

today's China Glaze Hologlam polish is Take A Trek (kindly provided to me for review!). it's a rich teal leaning blue with a subtle linear holographic finish. the formula is pretty good, just make sure to shake the bottle well and wipe the brush off before application... only two coats for full opacity! a coat of topcoat adds a nice shine and happily doesn't dull the holo.

two coats Take A Trek, one coat China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat (also provided for review!).

the China Glaze Hologlam collection retails for $14.00 and can found at fine salons and beauty supply stores in April 2013! check out www.ChinaGlaze.com to find out more!

Happy Tuesday! Ria :)

:: these polishes were provided to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::

Monday, April 1, 2013

China Glaze Hologlam... Cosmic Dust

when i got up to get ready to go riding, i realized it had poured last night... so, i decided to stay home today. it's always so difficult to judge how the footing will be out at the barn, but since i didn't feel great anyway, i went with soggy! 

today's China Glaze Hologlam polish is Cosmic Dust (kindly provided to me for review!). it's a lovely steel silver with a linear holographic finish, the holo effect in this one is stronger than in some of the other polishes in this collection. i love that it's a darker take on your run of the mill silver holo! make sure to shake the bottle up really well before application to mix all the particles. wipe the brush off well, and resist the temptation to run the brush over the same spot multiple times! this polish is opaque in two coats, but i had to add an extra coat to a couple nails since they dried quickly enough to snag and bald in places. topcoat gives great shine and doesn't dull the holographic effect!

two coats Cosmic Dust, one coat China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat (also provided for review!).

the China Glaze Hologlam collection retails for $14.00 and can found at fine salons and beauty supply stores in April 2013! check out www.ChinaGlaze.com to find out more!

i hope you've all had a wonderful start to your week! i have no real plans this week, other than working on my canter. gotta keep those arms from flapping around! Ria :)

:: these polishes were provided to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::