Sunday, April 28, 2013

bareMinerals READY Foundation Haul

Mr. Pawlish and i headed out to CPK for lunch... i basically live for their avocado club rolls! once home i spent most of the afternoon cleaning tack... it absolutely amazes me how dry the leather stays, no matter how hard i try to keep it conditioned. since i keep up with it, i don't even use saddle soap, which would dry it more... it's just the climate i'm fighting!

i'm almost out of my longtime face powder (Lancome Dual Finish), so i thought i'd try something new to see if it does better during exercise. i was thinking loose minerals might be good, but the bareMinerals makeup artist recommended their pressed compact which is the READY Foundation, so that's what i bought. i have always had trouble finding matching foundations because i'm so fair... imagine my shock to find out that i've gotten much darker in my face since moving to Cali... i'm a Medium! *gasp* this is the darkest i've ever been in my life... which is pretty funny since i'm still much lighter than the average person. when i was in college i was desperate to get some color... i guess i just needed to move to California :)

i fell madly in love with the brush the makeup artist used, so i bought that, too! it's the Precision Face and it's a dense, synthetic flat top angle brush. (whew, that's a mouthful.)

here's a look at what i got...

here's the powder without the 'HELLO.' film over it... can't decide if that's cute or creepy!

and finally, a look at the info on the back of the compact!

do any of you use this foundation? what do you think of it?

any recommendations for a good foundation for oily skin that will stay on during exercise? i know that's asking for a lot from makeup! 

Happy Sunday! Ria :)

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