Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chevron French Mani Using Essence Black Is Back

i'm super happy because i picked up my jewelry from Tiffany today! they asked if i wanted a box to put it in... but i wore both out of the store :) i've really missed wearing my necklace and bracelet, can't believe it's taken me like a year to get around to getting them repaired. the bracelet is the one where i broke the clasp... in the refrigerator. that's pretty funny now, but i was SO mad at the time :D

today i thought i'd do a little something different and just do a chevron French manicure! that's what i felt like putting on, so i thought... why not share?! i used two coats of my favorite black creme, Essence Black Is Back, for the chevrons. i also added a dot of OPI Just Spotted The Lizard at the chevron point to add a little visual interest. a rhinestone would look awesome there, but i was feeling to lazy to mess around them :) i added two coats of Seche Vite so that my nails would really shine, especially since my natural nail is completely visible at the bottom!

would you all like to see more posts like this? i'm not the greatest at nail art, but it's fun giving it a go on occasion! and this is about as basic as you can get :D any ideas of names for the series? i wanted to use Manicure of the Moment, but loads of people have already used that (and any incarnations of it i could come up with), and i hate for anyone to think i'm stealing their idea! thank goodness it's so easy to Google and check before you commit yourself.

this week has flown by somehow, i can't believe tomorrow is Friday... but i'm sure glad it is! Ria :)

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