Monday, April 8, 2013

Julep Eden

it's super windy today, a tree blew over and knocked out power around my whole apartment complex! happily, the power came on just in time to cook dinner... Mr. Pawlish warmed up some leftovers for us, nothing fancy this evening. the wind is still blowing pretty good though, i'm hoping the power stays on!

today's polish is Julep Eden from the April 2013 It Girl box. ready for some made up words? it's a blurple crelly! for the non-polish fanatic, it 's a bluish purple in a semi-jelly, semi-creme finish. the formula is nice, it's opaque in two easy coats and flows evenly off the brush. it dries down to looking rubbery, a coat of top coat makes it super shiny and brings out the jelly look! i painted two fingers with topcoat and left two alone so that you can see the huge difference. the downside with leaving it without topcoat is that the dry time is quite long!

two coats Eden, one coat Seche Vite on ring and pointer fingers!

the polish is a bit more purple than my camera and editing could capture!

Happy Monday! Ria :)


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