Thursday, April 18, 2013

NYC Long Wearing 140 Empire State Blue

a friend went riding with me this morning, then we headed over to a horse show at the Monterey Fair Grounds... i had high hopes of it being really cool... sadly, it was not. there was nothing going on, and no signs telling when a competition might be starting. basically, it was some people milling around and a few people exercising horses. not what i expected at all! i did love seeing the tack on the horses that were out, it was totally blinged out and sparkly :D

today's polish is NYC Long Wearing 140 Empire State Blue. this one almost went back to the store for being SUPER sheer... but i actually forgot to return it, so i decided to try it as a glaze. i'm glad i did, because it's beautiful :) it's a rich warm blue with green shimmer shot completely throughout. i used two coats of it over yesterday's Sation Blue Sky's The Limit manicure. it dried pretty shiny on its own, so i decided to go ahead and photograph it that way since i was going to be taking it right off. if i were planning on wearing this polish out, i would add a coat of topcoat to aid in the drying process!

two coats 140 Empire State Blue over my Sation Blue Sky's The Limit manicure.

i'm going away tomorrow on a ladies trail ride, so there won't be long posts this Friday or Saturday... but i do have two awesome Layla press releases to share with you! Happy Thursday! Ria :)

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