Saturday, May 25, 2013

China Glaze Texture... In The Rough

i'm a bit sore today after all of yesterday's excitement, but i don't seem to have any other effects from falling off and bumping my head... thank goodness! i'm glad Mr. Pawlish will be able to come with me to the barn on Monday, just to make sure everything is okay before i go out alone again. i wish i knew exactly why i fell off, though!

today's polish is In The Rough, from the China Glaze Texture collection. i bought this bad boy myself :) it's a pale yellowy green creme, it reminds me of Fiona from Shrek! it has loads of texture when it's dry and has a nice sheen like the others. the formula on this one was slightly more sheer than the others, but it was still opaque in two coats! i feel like this one was slightly harder to work with than the others, but that could be my imagination. i do prefer it without topcoat as i feel it lessens the textured appearance!

two coats In The Rough, no topcoat.

only one more Texture polish to go, that should be up tomorrow! Ria :)

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