Sunday, May 26, 2013

China Glaze Texture... Toe-Tally Textured

this morning was a little freaky, i woke up with vertigo! i've only had it once before, and that was back when i lived in Virginia Beach. i don't understand how your brain makes it look like the room is spinning by... it's such an odd sensation. thank goodness that has gone away, but i'm still a bit dizzy sometimes. i'm going to get up at the normal time and see how i'm feeling... i'm hoping i'll be good to go since Mr. Pawlish is home to go to the barn with me. if i'm not, i'll probably wait until my lesson Wednesday before heading back out. i wish i knew whether this vertigo was caused by falling off or if it's just related to the neurological problem i have!

today's polish is the last of the China Glaze Texture collection... Toe-Tally Textured. the name is SO cute, i think! it's a fun pumpkin orange creme, perfect for a warm summer day... straight a crisp autumn morning! the formula on this one was a bit thick, but manageable. two coats are all it takes full opacity, and like the others, dries with a nice sheen. it's better without topcoat so you get the full texture effect!

two coats Toe-Tally Textured, no topcoat.

it's a bit less shiny than the picture makes it look... i don't know why the camera picks it up like that!

what did you all think of the China Glaze Texture collection? will you be picking any up? i have to say, i'm still in love with them! Ria :)

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