Friday, May 10, 2013

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Constant Caribbean

today's jumping lesson was amazing... we worked on cross country for the first time :D i can't believe my first event is next weekend! this means i have to get myself a white polo by then... which is more difficult than it sounds because i'm shaped a little oddly, the shirt i found at Walmart was just totally wonk on me. a friend suggested Marshalls, so the awesome sport Mr. Pawlish will be venturing there with me tomorrow!

today's polish is CoverGirl Constant Caribbean. it's a teal pearl, not brushstrokey or glowy enough to be considered a frost (at least by me!). it does have some visible brushstrokes, but not too bad. it's opaque in only two coats, which surprised me because it goes on quite sheer for coat one! i would definitely add a shine topcoat to bring out the little shimmers in it.

two coats Constant Caribbean, one coat Seche Vite.

do you guys have exciting plans this weekend? i'm going on little 'double date' on Sunday! do you still call it a double date when you're old married people?! :D

Happy Friday! Ria :)


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