Thursday, May 2, 2013

Julep Maven :: May 2013 It Girl Box

didn't end up riding today because the arenas were being dragged... so Aramis lucked out and just got cookies! :D i came home and had to battle with a smoke alarm... it kept going off, but being silent while i sat under them to try and determine which it was. then when i went back downstairs... BEEP BEEP BEEP and crying dogs! eventually it got insistent and went off enough that i knew which one it was and ripped the battery out mid-BEEP... guess i'll be buying a new battery this weekend!

today i'd like to share with you all the contents of my May 2013 Julep Maven 'It Girl' box! it has a very 1920's glam vibe, i'm thinking they are capitalizing on the new 'The Great Gatsby' movie. the colors i received are all ones i would pick out for myself, which is always nice!

peek in the box... notice the extra treatie this month is adorable rose hairpins!

and here are the colors! i'm loving that oxblood Coco right off the bat :)

i hope you are all having a fantastic week... and if you aren't, take heart, tomorrow is Friday! Ria :)

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