Thursday, May 30, 2013

LA Colors Color Craze Sassy Sparkle

the saga of the birth control continues... i went in today, but i'm going to have to go back to the doctor soon because they didn't listen to me. they agreed to prescribe me a month of birth control... but when i called the pharmacy to see if it was ready, they said they never received anything! i'm about ready to pull all my hair out. after the doctor i met a friend at the barn and she showed me the very basics of horse bodywork. it was so helpful, she's really amazing with horses! i found out the all the problems i'm having lunging Aramis are largely due to major miscommunications on my part... which makes me feel terrible! hopefully i'll get better now that i know some more basics :)

today's polish is LA Colors Color Craze Sassy Sparkle. i've had it for awhile and have just put off using it... so i grabbed it out today. it's a warm iridescent glitter that includes loads of colors, more than most glitters of this ilk. it even has bright blue and purple! the greens, yellows, and oranges are definitely the big players, though.  i layered it over my Zoya Dree mani, and it came it way better than i'd hoped. the warm green really pulls out all the colors in Sassy Sparkle! i used two coats of it, i felt it was a little too sparse with just one coat. you'll definitely want to topcoat over this one to get that shine.

two coats Sassy Sparkle, one coat Seche Vite, all over my Zoya Dree mani.

my complaint with this polish is the smell... it smells like hospital soap... and i really hate that smell. somehow the smell even comes through the topcoat! however, it doesn't smell so much that you would notice it if your fingers weren't close to your nose... thank goodness! do smelly polishes bother you guys? Ria :)

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