Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet Aramis!

i got a sweet comment recently asking to see pictures of the horse i ride, Aramis! i thought i'd devote a whole post to him, because... why not :D he's a 9-10 year half Thoroughbred, half Percheron cross... which gave him an adorable giant head. he's a bay with a white star in the middle of his forehead... so cute. i started riding him last year, and started leasing him this year. i ride him every weekday morning, which has really helped me get into shape!

how can you not love this mug?? this picture cracks me up!

on Fridays i like to have chill bonding days, and just ride him bareback :)

i'm learning how to jump, which is super exciting... it's been my dream since i was tiny little girl!

he's just so very handsome :)

any other riders out there? or animal lovers in general? i'll probably do a post next week on my doggies. let me know what other things you all would like to see posts on! Ria :)

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  1. On my gosh--you can absolutely see his personality in that first photo! He looks like he's a little mischievous.🌝


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