Thursday, May 9, 2013

Orly Passion Fruit

my plans totally ended up changing today, which ended with me just riding Aramis... but i'm good with that :) since we are having an extra lesson tomorrow, i used today as our chill bareback day. he was super good, which is always nice. hopefully, he'll be in the mood to be good tomorrow at the jumping lesson :D

today's polish is Orly Passion Fruit, a super bright, saturated red-toned pink jelly. it's one that i consistently picked up at the store and put back... sucked in by the intense color, but always put back after seeing how thin it was in the bottle. i eventually gave in and bought it... but i probably shouldn't have! it is extremely thin, i have no idea how many coats you'd need for full opacity, i used three and there is still serious VNL... which, strangely, is not very obvious in the photo! trust me, in real life, it's there! it dries down to that strange rubbery finish some jellies get, but a coat of topcoat makes it super glossy and yummy.

three coats Passion Fruit, one coat Seche Vite.

this one looks far more red-toned on me than in the bottle, which was another disappointing thing. it is a bit more pink than it looks in the photo, though, my camera totally freaked out over this color. i really wanted to love this one, but it's just not for me. is this a color you'd rock? Ria :)

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