Friday, May 17, 2013

Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure Back To The Fuchsia

WELL. it was quite an adventure at the barn today. i had a little premonition Aramis would be naughty because i had to pull him out just as his lunch was delivered... but i didn't expect the level of naughtiness! it escalated to the point where he bolted off and over jumps... and somehow i managed to stay on. the craziest part was my husband was taping me with my phone (it helps so much to be able to watch what i was doing)... so he caught all the craziness... and when i finally got Aramis back under control, my husband starts cracking up! glad i could add some hilarity to his life, i guess :) he bolted on me one more time a little later, so hopefully he got all his sillies out at home and will be the model of perfect behavior at the show this weekend... it could happen!

today's polish is what i will be wearing for the show! it's Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure Back To The Fuchsia, a hot pink creme with subtlest of blue shimmers running through it. my barn colors are black and pink, and i decided a pink would be good for this weekend. this polish has a nice formula, it's a bit runny so be careful of too much pressure! i used two thick coats for full opacity. it's not super shiny when it dries, it definitely benefits from adding topcoat!

two coats Back To The Fuchsia, one coat Seche Vite.

no post tomorrow as i will be at the show grounds, i should be back on Sunday. 

Happy Weekend! Ria :)


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