Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Zoya Dree

had a nice, relaxing riding lesson today... Aramis was a very good boy :) i went out with friends for lunch for Japanese again... i'm telling you, i can't get enough Japanese food! hibachi is just too good. hopefully my doctor will prescribe me my medicine tomorrow... if not, i'm going somewhere else! getting birth control should not be this difficult.

today's polish is Zoya Dree. it's an Army olive green creme... this shade was super on trend a couple seasons ago! i don't think military inspired ever goes completely out of style, though. Dree goes on really patchy on the first coat, but evens out to full opacity on coat two. really make sure your pulling the brush all the way down and off your nail, this one wants to shrink back from the tips. using that method i only had to add polish to one nail! it's pretty shiny without topcoat, but i think it's looks much more rich with it.

two coats Dree, one coat Seche Vite.

this was surprisingly flattering on my super fair skin tone! for some reason i wasn't expecting it to look nearly so good. are you guys still rocking colors like this? Ria :)

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