Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Sweetie

Mr. Pawlish and i met up with friends to see 'The Heat' movie this morning... it was pretty hilarious! if you don't like profanity, i'd recommend skipping it... it was actually a squeaky clean movie other than the language, though. glad i didn't take Mama Pawlish... she'll have to wait and watch the scrubbed TV version :D

today's polish is Sweetie from the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat collection. it's a buttercup yellow creme that dries to a textured finish... super cute. i'm not sure if it's the specific color or the fact it's textured, but this looks a lot better on my skin tone than most yellows. this one took a bit longer to dry and texture up than the others, but once dry it looks the same. remember, no topcoat necessary for these babies :)

two coats Sweetie.

had to chop my nails down a bit, i smacked one off at lunch today :( i remembered that i stopped taking my Biotin... that might have something to do with it! i'll get back on that tonight. 

hope you've had a great weekend! Ria :)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Julep Maven :: July 2013 It Girl Box

Mr. Pawlish and i met up with friends at CPK for lunch... since it was a beautiful day, we ate outside and brought the doggies! i love being able to take the dogs to restaurants, i will really miss that when we move. i think we've finally decided to go LA not this coming week but the week after... it's just so much better for me since i have that dressage show next weekend. i want to really dial things in with Aramis this week :)

today's post is on my July 2013 Julep Maven It Girl box. i was super excited to find this in my mailbox today! they smartly shipped my add-on in the same box with my the rest of my It Girl stuff... thus saving them extra postage. i had to add-on this time because one of the polishes was a duochrome, which just makes me drool all over myself :D i was also excited to see that one of the It Girl polishes has a texture finish (which they are calling Sea Salt Finish)! i love that the box has a beachy them, the polishes are beautiful. the extra treatie this month was Green Tea Blotting Tissues... i look forward to trying those out!

peek in the box...

and here's a look at the polishes themselves! Blakely is my add-on, i paid $4.99 for it in addition to the $19.99 for the It Girl box :)

if Julep keeps up with beautiful colors like these, i will be continuing my subscription! do any of you do the Julep Maven thing? Ria :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Sour Apple

went out today and got my tack trunk for horse shows... i probably won't need it until next month... or even September, but it's one of those things i don't want to put off and then not have! i even got 10% off because all they had was the floor model, woohoo! i (not surprisingly) wanted this exact one because it's by the Husky brand, so it has a dog in the logo :D

today's Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polish is Sour Apple. it's a lovely mint green creme with a texturized finish. i feel Sour Apple is a bit of a misnomer because i always think of sour apple as more of a saturated yellow toned green. this is definitely more of a blue toned mint! the formula is great, use two coats for full opacity and texturization... no topcoat!

two coats Sour Apple.

i can see in the swatch picture a bit on my ring finger that isn't as texturized... not sure why that happened, but it isn't very noticeable in real life. i didn't notice it until i actually was editting the photo!

i'm madly in love with this collection... are you on board the texture train? choo choo! Ria :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Razzle-berry

lucked out today and Mama Pawlish got home earlier enough that i could use her car to head over to the barn. she decided to go with me so we could grab lunch afterwards :) the heatwave is still hanging around, i hope that it takes off soon! i want to enjoy as much Monterey Peninsula weather as possible before i move, i'm feeling a bit ripped off.

today's polish is Razzle-berry from the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat collection. it's a deeply saturated blue creme that is perfectly named... it looks just like blue raspberry candy! the texture is nice and obvious... you could leave it at one coat, but it looks better at two. no topcoat necessary :D

two coats Razzle-berry.

i'm SO glad i talked myself into buying this collection... i thought i'd love it, and i do! Ria :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Sugar Fix

had a great riding lesson today... even though it was hot! compared to Virginia standards, it was a beautiful day... i just don't know how i'm going to survive the Tennessee heat. that move is coming up way too fast :( Mr. Pawlish's dad heads out tomorrow, and Mama Pawlish has a doctors appointment, so i'm thinking i'm going to not go to the barn, as i will not have a car. it still feels so weird to not have my own car, i have to keep reminding myself it would be stupid to let his car sit while he rides the bus!

today's polish is Sally Hansen Sugar Fix from the Sugar Coat collection... i was going to wait to start reviewing this collection... but i was just too excited about it :) Sugar Fix is a white creme that dries down to a sandpapery textured finish. i love white polishes, and i'm totally into the texture trend so i'm living for this polish :D it's opaque in two coats, but does try to be streaky, so make sure to apply evenly! don't try to add polish to thin looking spots, it won't want to texurize as well. no topcoat necessary with these babies!

two coats Sugar Fix.

still working on breaking in my new riding boots... it's killing me... but worth it because they look so snappy! :D

Happy Wednesday! Ria :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sephora by OPI I'm So Sari!

i've been wanting an Oreo milkshake from Burger King ever since i saw that they had them... and tonight i gave in. it was SO yummy! however, i'm regretting it now, i'm kind of lactose intolerant and milkshakes are a really bad idea... but, gosh, they're so good!

today's polish is Sephora by OPI I'm So Sari!. it's a stunning teal foil with scattered chunky holographic glitter. i thought it was going to be really sheer... but i was so wrong! i layered it over my Zoya Carey mani, but that really wasn't necessary. i only needed two coats for full opacity, it might take three if you use thin coats on their own. a coat of topcoat brings out all the shinies!

two coats I'm So Sari!, one coat Poshe, all over my Zoya Carey mani.

i loved this swatch photo because it shows it in different lighting. i'm super excited because the season premier Rizzoli and Isles is getting ready to come on!! that's my favorite show of all time. do you guys watch it? Ria :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Zoya Carey

i decided to join Mr. Pawlish and his dad touring around Carmel today instead of going to the barn... rain is predicted for tomorrow morning, i'm hoping it stays away so i can get out there and practice. i'm trying to break my new boots in, i can't wait to start wearing them. from what i've been told, it's tough to break in tall boots anyway and these are actually the tall length in the calf... but they were such an amazing price and the lovely lady who helped me find them said they would break in nicely and not hurt anymore... here's hoping!

today's polish is Zoya Carey. it's a lavender toned greY creme... i love colors like this! the formula on this one is outstanding, two easy coats for full opacity and it dries super glossy. i still add topcoat because i need helping getting my polishes to dry... funky skin chemistry!

two coats Carey, one coat Seche Vite.

Mr. Pawlish and i are planning on heading to LA with friends next week... i'm thinking i'm going to wait until after we get back to start reviewing my new Sally Hansens... but i haven't quite decided! i hope you all had fabulous Mondays! Ria :)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Haulage!

today Mama Pawlish, Mr. Pawlish, Mr. Pawlish's Dad, and i all headed out to Hearst Castle. that places is pretty amazing... the tour is pretty disappointing in that you only get to see like 3 rooms of the 165! i was delighted to learn that Cary Grant and Carole Lombard had often stayed there... and that Carole was a bit of a pool shark :D she's my favorite actress of all time! we passed Whitehorse Tack on the way there, so of course we had to stop in. i got some of the show clothes i needed... but couldn't find a jacket that fit me right... i'm kind of oddly made. my big score was a pair of field boots (tall ones i can compete in!) that were marked down from $349 to $199! woohoo!

today is the second half of my Sally Hansen haul (yesterday was Sugar Coat!). i'm so happy to finally have these lovely Fuzzy Coat polishes :) i'm really looking forward to reviewing these, i don't have anything else like them... which is not something i get to say everyday :D they are different colored MATTE bar glitter combos... super cool.

i got these for $5.99 at CVS... that's the cheapest price i've seen! are these polishes something you would rock, or do you prefer more traditional glitter? i have to say, i love both! Ria :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Haulage!

i was super tired by the time i finally got home yesterday, and just didn't have the energy to blog! sorry about that :) Mr. Pawlish's father arrived yesterday for a visit, the two of them toured Monterey today... and Mama Pawlish and i just met them for meals. that way they got a lot of father/son time :)

today i'd like to show off my Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes! i've been lemming these and the Fuzzy Coats (check back tomorrow for those!) and finally gave in. they are Sally Hansen's answer to textured polishes, and they are gorgeous! they are much brighter than the polishes in the China Glaze Texture collection... i will probably do a comparison with some of those once i get to reviewing.

here they are!!

i definitely recommend purchasing these from CVS, they are $5.99 there which is the cheapest i've found. they didn't have Sugar Fix, so i had to get it from Walgreens... the price for them there is $7.49!

tomorrow's post will be on the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat collection... hopefully i'll have time to get it done. Happy Friday!! Ria :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Matte Purple Nails with Rainbow Flakies!

Mr. Pawlish went the barn with me this morning and kindly videoed so that i can see what i need to work on! we then picked up Mama Pawlish and met friends for lunch at my favorite Japanese restaurant... perfection. definitely looking forward to the cookout tomorrow, then Mr. Pawlish's dad arrives at night. not sure if we'll go out after that or if he'll just want to head to his hotel!

today's post is some nail funsies! i wanted to try out yesterday's Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure Purple Pulse mattified... but figured, why stop there? so, i first added a coat Cosmetic Arts Rainbow Flakie on top of Purple Pulse. (side note... the polish did not improve with age, i think the base is even more thick now! but the flakies are just as beautiful) because i wanted a really matte look, i applied two coats of Butter London Matte Finish Shine Free Topcoat... i love how it all came out!

i'm trying to decide whether i should stay home and clean or go to the barn tomorrow... i really need to do both! it looks like we are going to go to LA the week before my next dressage show, so i have lots of work to be doing... but i also should be cleaning the bathroom and picking up my clothes off the floor. maybe i can do both? we'll see!

Happy Thursday! Ria :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure Purple Pulse

found out that Friday is going to be quite a day... i'll ride in the morning, go to a cookout in the afternoon... and that night Mr. Pawlish's father arrives for a visit! i got a lot of good homework from my lesson today, so Aramis and i have a bunch to work on for the rest of the week... and next week! such a bummer that my next show falls the Saturday after the week i will have spent travelling, i would rather have had that week to work with Aramis. i am really looking forward to the trip though... we are planning on riding horses to the Hollywood sign :D

today's polish is Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure Purple Pulse. it's a warm medium purple pearl with cool blue and pink shimmers. the camera mostly photographed the blue shimmers, so you miss out on the warm eggplant base that is so obvious in person! it also made the brushstrokes much more obvious than they are in person. application wise, this polish was tough... but that was mostly because the brush was a bit misshapen. i did wrap the tips between coats one and two... that seems to be necessary with most polishes lately so i'm thinking something is going on with my nails! this one was quite glossy on its own, but i had to add topcoat to dry it.

two coats Purple Pulse, one coat Seche Vite.

i would have enjoyed this one more if it had its proper brush, but it's still pretty! Ria :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

China Glaze Blue Sparrow (Neon)

Mr. Pawlish finished up his last day of school for a couple weeks today! they don't get nearly as much summer vacation as a traditional school... but i'm thankful for what he has :) his father is coming to visit this weekend and staying for a week... not sure what all the plans are yet. i will still be going to barn every day because i'll be prepping for my first *real* dressage show :D

today's polish is China Glaze Blue Sparrow (Neon). i can't believe i've never used this one before... it's such a me color! it's a warm blue jelly full of shimmers... it's not really neon at all, but it quite saturated. the formula isn't too bad... streak city on coat one, full opacity at coat two... i recommend wrapping the tips betweens coats one and two (that's what i did and i'm quite happy with the result!). it dries to that rubbery finish, for shine you need topcoat! i used two coats to really bring out all the polish has to offer.

two coats Blue Sparrow, two coats Seche Vite on pinkie and middle fingers.

i love this polish, and i love it the most when it's super shiny! which way would you wear it? Ria :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Timeless Rubies

i'm a bit bummed because i thought i'd found the cross country safety vest i want really cheap... but, of course, it turns out it was just a knockoff. glad i realized that before i ordered it! i definitely don't want junk when it comes to getting dumped riding cross country :)

today's polish is CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant in Timeless Rubies. it's a pinkish burgundy foil that's quite shimmery, it also has a couple different flecks of color in it... it's hard to say exactly what but it looks like blue and silver! the formula is decent, just make sure to add extra to the tips between coats... but other than that, two coats are all that's necessary for full opacity. topcoats helps to bring out the sparkle, but is really helpful in getting it to dry!

two coats Timeless Rubies, one coat Seche Vite.

i hope you've all had happy starts to your weeks... and if not, i hope everything looks up tomorrow! Ria :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Blue Blowout

i spent today sleeping! i don't know why i was so tired, but i basically slept all day, with breaks for eating. there are worse ways to spend a Sunday :D i plan on having a lazy bareback day at the barn tomorrow, so i'm dragging Mama Pawlish with me to make sure someone will be there. she got really into beading while she was in Virginia, so we'll probably hit up the craft store, too... she makes amazing earrings!

today's polish is Maybelline Color Show Blue Blowout from their Metallics line. it's an icy blue with a chrome finish... sadly, it's not completely free from brushstrokes. i do love the glow it has, and that it looks like blue aluminum foil on my nails... so the brushstrokes are not a deal breaker for me! this one dries super fast, so make sure to have enough polish on your brush and don't brush over the same spot very much. topcoat only adds a slight shine, it's really more just to extend the wear of the polish!

two coats Blue Blowout, one coat Seche Vite.

would the brushstrokes be a deal breaker for you? i love this finish in that nothing else has the amazing glow within it.

here's a picture from this weekend... i have to laugh at how high Aramis jumped over that tiny little block :D

i hope you've all had fantastic weekends! mine was really great, nothing better than being with my family and riding horses! Ria :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Flirt Nail Art Stamping Haul!

sorry about the lack of a post yesterday! after we got home from the barn dance i was totally wiped out and pretty much went right to bed. today was the big barn Olympics day :D Aramis was pretty good... except for refusing to get on the bit (per usual) and one big run out from a jump cross country (not so usual, made me so mad!) but since i didn't come off, can't complain too much :)

i was at Walmart yesterday and stumbled across the Flirt Nail Art Stamping Kit and the Flirt Nail Art Stamping Disks! not sure where my receipt ran off to, but they were under $10 together.

here's what they look like in the package...

the kit comes with one plate, a stamper, a scraper, and a mini bottle of white stamping polish. i love that the scraper is all plastic... that way it's less likely to scratch the plates! now i can stop using an old credit card... or at least see which on works better :D

the other package came with two stamping disks, i want to say for around the three dollar mark!

have you guys tried these out? what do you think? i'm going to have to do some nail art posts soon!

Happy Saturday! Ria :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure Yellow Kitty

Mama Pawlish and i went to one of our favorite local restaurants for lunch today... and ran into Mr. Pawlish! he and some friends had gone there for lunch as well :D i was so surprised to walk in and see him, i think that's the first time i've ever accidentally run into him. his friends liked the food as well... more converts :)

today's polish is Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure Yellow Kitty. it's a pastel yellow creme... not my favorite color at any time, but the formula on this one is a PAIN. you really have to nurse it along, it wants to pool along the edges and be fairly clear in the middle. after three coats and very carefully placing the polish in the center, i got it opaque and pretty well streak free... but man, what a pain! topcoat is necessary to make it glossy, it's not pretty at all dull.

three coats Yellow Kitty, one coat Seche Vite.

i think this is one i will be giving away, it's not a drop dead gorgeous color and it's just too hard to work with! Ria :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Julep Nan

today was riding lesson day! i'm working on learning yet another dressage test. my mind is kind of spinning this new one around with the three i already knew and i'm a bit confuzzled. i haven't really had a chance to practice it in my backyard yet... somehow that really helps cement it in my brain! Mama Pawlish is finally back from Virginia which i'm absolutely ecstatic about :D we went out to CPK for dinner and then on to Macy's to find a polo for the barn show this weekend... happy to report i found one with a very eventer vibe!

today's polish is Julep Nan, last up from my June 2013 It Girl Maven box. it's a dusty coral creme, i don't have anything quite like it in my stash. it's not my dream color, but i like that it's a bit unusual. i was surprised that it wasn't a bright red, i felt like that would have meshed better with the other two colors in my box. the formula was decent, just be careful not to be too heavy handed. two coats for full opacity! it dries fairly shiny, but really benefits from a glossy topcoat.

two coats Nan, one coat Seche Vite.

congratulations everybody, you're halfway to Friday! Ria :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Julep Bess

skipped the barn yesterday because both my dog Jasper and me needed to get blood drawn. too bad we couldn't get it done at the same place! i made an early appointment so i could leave him in the car while i had mine done, then head over to the vet for his. my other dog Jewels SCREAMED when we left... i'm thinking that's the first time she's ever been left home alone! i came home and spent the rest of the day with them, she definitely needed reassuring. *sigh* puppies.

today's polish is Julep Bess from my June 2013 Maven It Girl box. it's a robin's egg blue creme which has a hint of turquoise to it that really makes it pop. i was a bit iffy with formula... you have wipe the brush off or it gloops all over, but if you wipe it just a little too much it's a streaky mess. definitely not the easiest polish to work with. most nails have two coats, but a couple needed an extra due to streaks. it dries insanely glossy on its own, but on me it takes forever to dry so i still had to use topcoat.

two coats Bess, one coat Seche Vite.

i have another horse show this weekend, but it's a the barn i ride at so no traveling! i'm learning yet another dressage test for it... i hope i don't start getting them confused... at least it's a fairly simple one! Ria :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Orly Shade Shifter and Mash Up YouTube Videos!

sorry about the lack of a post yesterday! i really want to post these Orly videos, and i couldn't make them work right. i think i have it now :D

first up we have Shade Shifter... color changing gel polishes! i think that is SO cool. if i didn't change my polish all the time for this blog, i would love to have these gels applied.

here's what Orly says about them...

Shade Shifter is the new color-changing coat from ORLY available in salons only. How does it work? Apply two coats of Shade Shifter over any of the ORLY Gel FX shades and wait to be amazed. If you’re warm, the Shade Shifter becomes clear, revealing the Gel FX color underneath. If you’re cool, the Shade Shifter formulas works exclusively with the ORLY Gel FX formula to transform the manicure to a darker hue. Check out this brief tutorial to see how it works:

next up we have the Mash Up collection! this one is fun because it has a little something for everyone. i already picked up and reviewed Sparkling Garbage... it's stunning!


the first video is Behind The Scenes of the collection, the second is a fun video sharing the Orly team participating in the 2013 Los Angeles Color Run! also, here's a brief Orly quote about the collection...

The Mash Up collection includes a mix of hyper-brights and high-attitude hues that blur the line between energetic and outrageous. 

Check out ORLY’s team rocking Mash Up for the L.A. Color Run:

this is my first time ever posting a blog that contains videos! would you like to see more posts like this?

Happy Monday! Ria :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pink and Black Blingy Chevron French

whew, am i tired! quick post today, being out in the sun all day always makes me feel exhausted. the clinic went well, i'm a little disappointed with how i did... but was super pleased with parts, so it evens out i suppose. it was nice to get a dressage judges perspective on how i ride my test, and cool to have a little mini-lesson with her!

i did a little fancy pants mani for the day, a pink and black chevron French :) i used Sation Beyond Bubblegum Pink and Essence Black Is Back for the basic mani. the little crystal is from the Nail Candy Bling It On nail pen (kindly provided to me for review!). i'm still in love with how easy that pen makes applying crystals. i topped everything (including the crystal) off with a coat of Seche Vite!

it's so fun to have a happy little mani that makes you smile when you see it! Happy Saturday! Ria :)

:: the Nail Candy Bling It On pen was sent to me for review, everything else was purchased by me! ::

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sation Beyond Bubblegum Pink

met up with my friend at the barn today and i helped her a bit with our dressage test... which we'll be performing at a clinic tomorrow! yikes. my goal is just to get through it... and, as always, not fall off! we then headed out to lunch with our significant others at CPK... Mr. Pawlish and i like to go on Sundays, but this Sunday is a barn cleanup day so i'm trying to go to that. my friend successfully found a polo at the mall, so we're as ready as we're going to get... and i deep cleaned my tack today, it was filthyyyyy.

today's polish is Sation Beyond Bubblegum Pink. the name is a bit misleading, as it isn't nearly as light as bubblegum! it's a hot pink with super finely milled white shimmers. because they are so small, they aren't in your face, but if you look at your nail, you will see them! it's not quite a neon pink, but it's super bright. the formula is really great for a polish like this, a little thick, but opaque in two coats. it dries dull, so topcoat is a must!

two coats Beyond Bubblegum Pink, one coat Seche Vite.

i decided to get all fancy for the show tomorrow and do a chevron mani with a crystal on top of this as a base! check back tomorrow to see it! Ria :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Julep Char

i'm a bit bummed that Mr. Pawlish is going to be busy with schoolwork this weekend, so he won't be able to come to the barn with me tomorrow, or come to the dressage clinic i'm going to on Saturday. of course... doing schoolwork might be more interesting for him than watching me ride :D

today's polish is Julep Char from my June 2013 Julep Maven It Girl box, i got it in the mail yesterday and this one looked the most exciting to me. it's a navy blue creme that retains its blueness, even in low light! most navies look black, some look black even when in bright light. the formula is pretty nice, you could work it to be a one coater. i prefer two coats of most polishes, and i added a little bit to the tips between layers one and two to make sure the polish didn't shrink back! it dries pretty glossy on its own, but looks even better with topcoat... not to mention helping it dry.

two coats Char, one coat Seche Vite.

tomorrow's polish will probably be pink since i like to have a pink nail when i go to horsie things... but after that the next couple posts will be the other two June Juleps! Ria :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Julep Maven :: June 2013 It Girl Box

just gave the neighbors another show... had to practice my new dressage test, so again i ran around my back yard calling it out to my husband while he checked my progress against my phone! it's really helpful in memorization... plus, it gives the neighbors something to talk about :D

today i want to share with you my June 2013 Julep Maven It Girl box. i'm still vacillating on whether or not to stop doing the Maven thing... but i liked this month's colors, so i went for it! this month had three cremes, two blue and one red. it didn't really come with a special treatie, just three pieces of saltwater taffy. i'm not a huge fan of it, but i did eat two of them and gave Mr. Pawlish the other... sometimes when i start eating i can't stop!

here's a peak inside the box... i love the beachy vibe!

here's a closeup of the polishes... i'm most excited to try out Char :)

the polishes are so nautical this time, i'm loving it. did you get a Maven box this month? which one? Ria :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So, Ria... What's The Difference Between Linear and Scattered Holographic Finishes?

Mr. Pawlish needs a new photo taken in his Naval uniform... but we found out there is basically no where in our house that has a blank wall for a background! it looks like we are going to have to move some bookshelves in our room... but then all the stuff on the shelves has to go somewhere for that time... it's a frustration. i hope we can get it figured out soon!

today's So, Ria post addresses a question that i had trouble figuring out myself when i first got into nail polish... what's the difference between a linear holographic polish and a scattered holographic polish? the answer is surprisingly simple! linear holographics actually form a prism effect, you can see an actual rainbow form on the nail. with scattered holographics, the particles are spread throughout the nail and flash different colors... but there is no uniformity to it! you can see it more easily in a photo, so here we go :)

this linear holographic polish is Layla Hologram Effect Jade Groove. notice how the the particles all work together to form a rainbow!

the scattered holographic polish i chose is yesterday's Orly Sparkling Garbage. it's a similar base (a bit darker!) to Jade Groove, but a completely different finish. in this one, the holographic particles flash colors with no rhyme or reason.

i hope this post helped clear up any confusion, i realized as i was writing yesterday's Sparkling Garbage post that not everyone may know what a scattered holo was! which is your favorite? i love them both, but i definitely would have to choose linears! Ria :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Orly Sparkling Garbage

as i was driving out to the barn this morning, it started misting heavily... i considered turning around, but figured since i was halfway there i might as well at least give Aramis a cookie! when i got there it looked threatening, but no rain... so i worked on lunging him and communicating better. since it didn't start raining, i decided to go ahead and ride... of course then it started misting! luckily, it was very light and didn't last long. we had a great ride... he didn't even try any of his rude cow hops moving into the canter :)

today's polish is Orly Sparkling Garbage. it's a gorgeous light green loaded down with scattered holographic particles! it's really eye catching and beautiful on the nail, no camera can capture all the holo goodness. i was worried about opacity because the base is a quite sheer green. on coat one you think that it's impossible to build it up, but coat two really adds a lot of coverage. three coats gives you full opacity! a shine topcoat brings out all the holo yummies instead of dulling it... total win.

three coats Sparkling Garbage, one coat Seche Vite.

here it is a bit out of focus... but it's way more sparkly and gorgeous in person!

this is my first bottle of Orly since they redesigned the bottle... i have to say i'm not a big fan. i think the old bottles were much cuter! 

hope your week has gotten off to a great start! Ria :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another Small bareMinerals Haul!

Mr. Pawlish and i headed out to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch... i can't get enough of their avocado egg rolls! then he was nice enough to go to Ulta with me... i had a few coupons i wanted to use. this of course is the scheme... spend $110 while saving $22! the stores always win with me. mostly i got boring things like sunscreen, but i had a coupon for $10 off bareMinerals which i just had to take advantage of :D

i got a lighter shade in the Ready foundation, there was a sweet girl there that put multiple different brands and types of foundation on me trying to find the best one! i eventually decided that i really did love the Ready, so i'm trying Fairly Medium (i had Medium). after putting it on completely, i've determined that Fairly Medium matches almost my whole body... and Medium is closer to my chest color. it's so hard to find the right foundation when you are a bunch of different colors! even the makeup artist laughed because in some places i have warm undertones, some cool, and still other completely neutral... leave it to me to be that complicated!

bareMinerals Ready SPF 20 Foundation in Fairly Medium.

since i needed to spend more to get the $10 off (see, that's where they always get you!) i decided to try out their marvelous Moxie lip products. first up is the Lipliner in Liberated.

then we have the Lipstick in Be Free. this one pulls really, really greYish brown on my lips... i'm not sure whether i'm going to end up keeping this one or not!

lastly, here's a little swatch of the Liberated and Be Free! they do look perfect together.

i'm so happy because my friend found my saddle cover! i must have left it in her trailer somewhere... i thought it had blown away while i was my last show. i actually even shoveled through Aramis's whole stall thinking maybe it had gotten buried in there. i have no idea how it ended up in her trailer, but i'm sure glad it did! Happy Sunday! Ria :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jelly Sandwich Featuring Revlon Royal and Essie Set In Stones

took the doggies to the vet today... they were really good! the vet's office screwed up somehow and swapped what dog was supposed to be getting what... luckily, they only drew blood from the wrong dog, not give any unneeded shots! both dogs were on their best behavior, so they each got a special 'doggie cannoli' treatie when we got home :)

today's post is my first jelly sandwich! i've been wanting to try these... especially because i love that people call them jelly sammies :D i decided to pull out Revlon Royal and give it another go. you may remember i was not impressed when i tried it on its own... but used in a sandwich it's magical! the glitter i picked to be sandwiched is Essie Set In Stones from their Luxeffects line. i used two coats of Revlon Royal, one coat of Essie Set In Stones, one thin coat of Revlon Royal, then finished the whole shebang with one coat of Seche Vite. it looks amazing! i love how the glitter looks suspended in... jelly!

i know i'm super late in trying this look, but better late than never! is a jelly sammie something you'd rock?

i hope you're all having fantastic weekends! Ria :)