Saturday, June 29, 2013

Julep Maven :: July 2013 It Girl Box

Mr. Pawlish and i met up with friends at CPK for lunch... since it was a beautiful day, we ate outside and brought the doggies! i love being able to take the dogs to restaurants, i will really miss that when we move. i think we've finally decided to go LA not this coming week but the week after... it's just so much better for me since i have that dressage show next weekend. i want to really dial things in with Aramis this week :)

today's post is on my July 2013 Julep Maven It Girl box. i was super excited to find this in my mailbox today! they smartly shipped my add-on in the same box with my the rest of my It Girl stuff... thus saving them extra postage. i had to add-on this time because one of the polishes was a duochrome, which just makes me drool all over myself :D i was also excited to see that one of the It Girl polishes has a texture finish (which they are calling Sea Salt Finish)! i love that the box has a beachy them, the polishes are beautiful. the extra treatie this month was Green Tea Blotting Tissues... i look forward to trying those out!

peek in the box...

and here's a look at the polishes themselves! Blakely is my add-on, i paid $4.99 for it in addition to the $19.99 for the It Girl box :)

if Julep keeps up with beautiful colors like these, i will be continuing my subscription! do any of you do the Julep Maven thing? Ria :)


  1. I chose It-Girl and added on Blakely and the 4th of July one this month too! I couldn't resist another sea salt and the duo chrome caught my interest.

    My box won't be here until Monday though.

    1. oh, i didn't realize the 4th of July one was a Sea Salt! they should have given us that as the extra treatie, that would have been nice :)


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