Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Julep Maven :: June 2013 It Girl Box

just gave the neighbors another show... had to practice my new dressage test, so again i ran around my back yard calling it out to my husband while he checked my progress against my phone! it's really helpful in memorization... plus, it gives the neighbors something to talk about :D

today i want to share with you my June 2013 Julep Maven It Girl box. i'm still vacillating on whether or not to stop doing the Maven thing... but i liked this month's colors, so i went for it! this month had three cremes, two blue and one red. it didn't really come with a special treatie, just three pieces of saltwater taffy. i'm not a huge fan of it, but i did eat two of them and gave Mr. Pawlish the other... sometimes when i start eating i can't stop!

here's a peak inside the box... i love the beachy vibe!

here's a closeup of the polishes... i'm most excited to try out Char :)

the polishes are so nautical this time, i'm loving it. did you get a Maven box this month? which one? Ria :)

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