Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Haulage!

i was super tired by the time i finally got home yesterday, and just didn't have the energy to blog! sorry about that :) Mr. Pawlish's father arrived yesterday for a visit, the two of them toured Monterey today... and Mama Pawlish and i just met them for meals. that way they got a lot of father/son time :)

today i'd like to show off my Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes! i've been lemming these and the Fuzzy Coats (check back tomorrow for those!) and finally gave in. they are Sally Hansen's answer to textured polishes, and they are gorgeous! they are much brighter than the polishes in the China Glaze Texture collection... i will probably do a comparison with some of those once i get to reviewing.

here they are!!

i definitely recommend purchasing these from CVS, they are $5.99 there which is the cheapest i've found. they didn't have Sugar Fix, so i had to get it from Walgreens... the price for them there is $7.49!

tomorrow's post will be on the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat collection... hopefully i'll have time to get it done. Happy Friday!! Ria :)


  1. Beautiful!!! I haven't even seen half of those. I got Bubble Plum yesterday. But wow...pretty!!!

    1. i'm so obsessed with creme texture polishes lol :D


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