Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Razzle-berry

lucked out today and Mama Pawlish got home earlier enough that i could use her car to head over to the barn. she decided to go with me so we could grab lunch afterwards :) the heatwave is still hanging around, i hope that it takes off soon! i want to enjoy as much Monterey Peninsula weather as possible before i move, i'm feeling a bit ripped off.

today's polish is Razzle-berry from the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat collection. it's a deeply saturated blue creme that is perfectly named... it looks just like blue raspberry candy! the texture is nice and obvious... you could leave it at one coat, but it looks better at two. no topcoat necessary :D

two coats Razzle-berry.

i'm SO glad i talked myself into buying this collection... i thought i'd love it, and i do! Ria :)

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