Friday, June 28, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Sour Apple

went out today and got my tack trunk for horse shows... i probably won't need it until next month... or even September, but it's one of those things i don't want to put off and then not have! i even got 10% off because all they had was the floor model, woohoo! i (not surprisingly) wanted this exact one because it's by the Husky brand, so it has a dog in the logo :D

today's Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polish is Sour Apple. it's a lovely mint green creme with a texturized finish. i feel Sour Apple is a bit of a misnomer because i always think of sour apple as more of a saturated yellow toned green. this is definitely more of a blue toned mint! the formula is great, use two coats for full opacity and texturization... no topcoat!

two coats Sour Apple.

i can see in the swatch picture a bit on my ring finger that isn't as texturized... not sure why that happened, but it isn't very noticeable in real life. i didn't notice it until i actually was editting the photo!

i'm madly in love with this collection... are you on board the texture train? choo choo! Ria :)

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